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The Characterization of the atomic phenomenon by the Quran, sent to the top scientists for attestation

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My addressees and their response



The characterization of the atomic phenomenon by the Quran



The characterization of the Philosophy of Atomistic Materialism by the Quran for the attestation of the Philosopher of Atomism.



The Neutralizing formula of the Quran.



My mission is recommended by the Green Turbaned.



My intellectual struggle



Declaration to the world.



A letter to the elite of this age




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"Woe unto every backbiter, defamer who heapeth up riches and prepareth the same (for the time to come). He thinketh that his riches will render him immortal (that is his riches will remain with him for ever). By no means, he shall surely be cast into Al-Hotama (the crushing fire). And what shall cause thee to understand what Al-Hotama is ? (That is how crushingly terrible this fire is? And how incomprehensibly complex is its phenomenon?).  (It is) the kindled fire of Allah (God), which leapeth up onto the hearts. Verily it is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns". (The Quran Chapter 104-Al-Homaza).

 Read this little Chapter. Philosophically it covers the entire field of modern Baconian atomism, and scientifically it covers the entire nuclear phenomenon. And happens to be the only guidance in the world today that leads this world out of the nuclear hell and this modern materialism which is the mother of the Nuclear Hell.









            On 5th May 1980, I posted this article containing the characterization of the atomic phenomenon to fifteen, among the most celebrated atomic physicists all over the world for attestation of the facts, on promise that after these facts are attested, I will reveal to the world the design of the neutralizer of the atomic fire, the atomic bombs and radiations. And besides that I sent the article to three prominent newspapers in England and America. Following is the article:-

            "Let this article be produced by every newspaper. And let the competent atomists send the attestation to be found at the end of this article to me, in haste, for time is short, and let the correspondence be in English, for I have no arrangement for translation. Let not your misfortune deprive this world of this remedy.

            I am posting this article to some of the leading physicists in every part of the world for review. From their attitude will appear their cooperative spirit. My invitation for review, however, is extended to every physicist anywhere. Furthermore, a struggle is necessary to snatch the secret away from me against the force of man's atomic doom arrayed against my dungeon to stop this voice from reaching the world, waste no time, I am well above sixty. May die any moment, taking this key of man's future destiny with me to my grave.


            Quran is compendium of knowledge, and contains formulae, theories and recipes from the physical reality of God to the elixir of eternal life. But a caption on which the human eye of this present age would be irremovably riveted is that of ATOMAK. The study revealed this ATOMAK to be exactly the atomic, and the topic contained the characterization of the atomic phenomenon, and also the design of a Neutralizer of the atomic phenomenon, both regarding the atomic bombs and atomic radiations. A design that would neutralize the atomic bombs and render the atomic radiations innocuous eternally meant a discovery, indeed invaluable. In this part of the article, however, I will present the first part that is the characterization of the ATOMAK (ATOMIC) phenomenon. The design of the neutralizer will come thereafter. And I speak not this at haphazard, and utter not a syllable without the scientific proof. As the fruit of 19 years-long ordeal in a state of prepossession, 1500 pages, treating the characterization of atomic phenomenon and the design of the neutralizer in the form of manuscripts that bespeak the fact. The discovery of Hotama from the Quran is by the grace of God Almighty my own. None else has had any knowledge about it.

            My difficulty, however, is the complexity of the subject of nuclear science, and the general ignorance of the world about this subject, for, the nuclear scientist only has this knowledge. The prior testimony of my work by the nuclear scientist and radiobiologist therefore is my necessity for the publication of my massive work. It is with this view in my mind that I give this glimpse of the characterization of atomic phenomenon as is to be found in the Quran, with a request to the nuclear scientist to send the testimony of the truth of this part to me. If it is found to be correct, then I will not only release all my work, but will also produce the Quranic design of the extinguisher of the atomic fire.

            Let the required testimony be expedited considering the urgency of the matter.

            Following are the characteristics of the phenomenon of ATOMAK as given by the Quran, and are exactly the distinctive and distinguishing characteristics of the modern atomic phenomenon:


That it is Atomak.


That it is basically a crusher, a breaker phenomenon.


That it is fire.


That it is a fire that leaps up on to the hearts.


That it shows peculiar encompassing features.


That it rises in lofty columns.


And that it is a phenomenon inexpressibly terrible and complex.

            Mark the simplicity of the statement, and also that, these characteristics are those characteristics of the atomic phenomenon which distinguish the atomic phenomenon from all the rest, namely, the chemical and the electrical phenomena. We will discuss these points one by one, to affect the corroboration:-

(1)     The Quran says "Atomak". Now mark the phonetic and functional identity existing between the Atomak of the Quran and the atomic of the modern scientist. The Atomak according to the Quran literally means a "Crusher", a "Breaker". A fact which proves the basic functional identity with the modern word "Atom" that now no more means indestructible, but actually has been broken and crushed. Both the "Atomak" and "Atomic" basically refer to the same act that of "Breaking", and nuclear phenomenon basically, functionally and distinctively is a crusher phenomenon. To call the "atom" as "atom" that is "which can not be broken" is a misnomer. Atom has been broken into pieces. The word of Quran is correct.

2.         The Quran says, "It is basically a crusher, a breaker phenomenon, so is the atomic phenomenon, basically. The atomic energy is generated by crushing the binding of the atomic nucleus, while no other type of energy is generated in this manner, and in no other phenomenon atomic nucleus is crushed or touched. Again the nucleus of the atom is crushed in a manner that its rearrangement to its original order is not possible by any method of synthesis. And both the basic building block of the universe, that is the "atom" as well as the basic unit of life, that is the "cell", is involved in the atomic crushing, irreparably, and hence the atomic phenomenon may be regarded as "Absolute crusher". Radiations assume the same behavior. They cause transmutations of the atoms in inanimate matter, and they break chromosomes of the cell nucleus. Atomic bomb is a terrific crusher of structures. That the scientist has recognized this crushing trait of atomic phenomenon, can be seen in the German term  BREMSSTRAHLUNG, which literally means the "breaking radiation", and is applied to the continuous spectrum of rays and was applauded by the atomists as highly descriptive. And also in the terms like "Bombarding, crushing, smashing", etc. in the text books of atomic physics, and terms like "Direct Action, Indirect Action", and clauses like "Breaking the Chromosomes" and sentences like  "Radiation hit the cells like a sledge hammer and crush them", in the text books of Radiobiology. To those may be added the astonishment of Rutherford at the crushing trait of the atomic phenomenon during this bombardment of the Gold Foil with alpha Particles, that was recorded by him as "the most incredible event. That ever happened to him in his life".

3.         The Quran says, "It is fire". And fire the atomic phenomenon is. It produces energy. Energy produces heat, and heat produces fire.

4.         The Quran says, "It is fire which leaps up unto the hearts". So does the atomic phenomenon. This is a very distinctive characteristic of the atomic phenomenon and is one that basically distinguishes the atomic phenomenon from all the rest of the phenomena, for, in no other phenomenon atomic nucleus is involved, and is proved by merely uttering the characteristic name of the atomic phenomenon, which is nuclear phenomenon, because the actual action of atomic phenomenon takes place in the nucleus, and nucleus is the same as heart.

            Now the word "heart" as is used by the Quran, and the word "nucleus" which is used by the modern scientist are synonymous, and are used as such by the scientist himself quite orthodoxically. Two out of the scores of examples in this respect might suffice to prove the point:-

            "Each fast particle comes from the break up of the very heart of the single atom-The Nucleus-of the Radio-active material". (Vide Physics: Physical Science Study Committee IInd Edition. D.C. Heath and Company Lexinction, Massachusetts, July 1965, Page 130).

(b)        "How many heart-beats are in the life time of a Radio-active nucleus which lasts only billionth of a second".  (Ibid Page 21, Short Problems).

            Atomic fire is thus a fire which leaps up onto the hearts. Heat-flash of the atomic bomb explosion, and the atomic radiations clearly show this trait, that of leaping up onto the hearts. The former kills its victims by killing the heart through shock, while the latter cause transmutations of atoms by disturbing the order of the nuclei of the atoms in the inanimate matter, and they break the chromosomes of the nuclei of the cells in the living body. The term "thermonuclear", most distinctly illustrates this trait of "leaping up upon the heart", and means "heat connected with the nucleus" that is heart, while the thermonuclear process presents the most spectacular scene of this trait, for the heat produced by the inner fission device is being directed on to the nuclei that is hearts of the atoms of the outer fusion material.

            Besides these facts, the radiations may be observed to have a preferential attraction for all that is related to heart in the living body. Bone-marrow and blood-forming organs are more sensitive to radiation than the brain, the nerves and muscles. Multi-cellular organisms all are more sensitive to radiation than all the unicellular organisms. The effect of radiations is retarded in the absence of oxygen. Now the blood relation of bone-marrow and blood forming organs with heart is known. The greater sensitivity of the multi-cellular organisms may be attributed to their more perfect circulatory and respiratory systems. The blood relation of these systems with heart is known. So also is known the blood relation of oxygen with heart.

            The Quran says, "Atomak is fire that has peculiar encompassing features". In this respect firstly, the inverted cauldron-like formation of the atomic bomb explosion, and the enclosures upon enclosures of the local and global fallout of the atomic and hydrogen bombs, and secondly, the extreme tenacity of the bone-seeking radioactive substances, and thirdly, the appearance of cancer, six to thirty years after the actual exposure to radiation, and fourthly, appearance of the effects of radiation in the cell in anaphase only, inspite of radiations' attack on the cell in its resting stage, and fifthly, the survival of the lethally irradiated frogs for months instead of dying in usual time interval of three to six weeks, if kept in a dormant state in a temperature just above freezing point, and the appearance of radiation symptoms if these frogs are warmed up, and the occurrence of their death thereafter in the usual time interval of three to six weeks, and sixthly, the suggestion of Alexander Haddow that the cancer-producing effect of the cancer-producing substances might be the result of prolonged interference with the normal growth, and finally, the secret encompassment of mankind by radiation to future generations through radio genetic effects are some of the facts which show the peculiar encompassing feature of the atomic phenomenon.

The Quran says, "Lofty columns". Now, besides the lofty columns associated with the atomic bomb explosion, the world of radioactivity may be observed as a world of columns. A 4-centimeter rise of the Alpha Particle if seen in comparison between its tiny size and the height assumed by it may be regarded as a column. A football rising in the same ratio to its size might disappear in the heights of heavens. The Cosmic Rays present showers of columns of heights that might cause man's mind to reel. The point of columns, however, is proved by the column of the atomic bomb explosion.

            The Quran says, "The Atomak is inexpressibly terrible and complex". The terribleness of atomic bomb needs no comment, while the measure of the difficulty and complexity of the subject of nuclear science is astonishing. If the characterization of the Atomak by the Quran is Atomic, then please sign the attached attestation form and send to me on the following address urgently:-


And then await my universal declaration of the design of the neutralizer of the atomic bomb.                    


     The following is hereby attested and confirmed:-


The nuclear phenomenon is basically, and distinctively a phenomenon of a breaker, a crusher kind. The binding of the atomic nucleus is crushed and the nucleus is disintegrated. The binding of the atomic nucleus is broken in no other phenomena wherein the nucleus of the atom remains untouched and intact. Thus it is the distinguishing characteristic

of the nuclear phenomenon.



The nuclear phenomenon produces energy, heat and fire, but so far exceeding in ratio and degree and proportion as is unthinkable in any phenomenon other than the nuclear phenomenon.


The entire activity in the nuclear phenomenon is confined to the nuclei of the atoms. The words "Nucleus" and "Heart" are used synonymously in atomic physics. Thus the statement that the atomic fire leaps up onto the hearts may justly be understood to mean that the nuclear phenomenon functions within the nuclei. And is correctly applicable to the nuclear phenomenon. This nuclear characteristic of the nuclear phenomenon is a distinguishing feature of the nuclear phenomenon and cannot be found in any other, chemical or electrical etc.



Instances of a peculiar kind of encompassment are discernible in nuclear phenomena.


The characteristic appearance and the relative conspicuity of the column in the nuclear phenomenon justifies the inclusion of this feature in the general characteristic features of the nuclear phenomenon.



The nuclear phenomenon is complex proverbially, and terrible.


The summarily brief definition of the nuclear phenomenon as "a crusher, column-rising phenomenon with peculiar encompassing features, and functioning within the atomic nuclei", or simply, "a crusher fire with encompassing features that leaps up onto the hearts and raises columns", is correct.




N.B. A review besides this attestation may be granted if desired.




            To the following, I have dispatched the article (subject) for attestation on 5th May 1980,

by registered post.



 (1) Sir Denys Haigh Wilkingson K.T.DSc. Ph.D. D.Sc. DRS, University of  Sussex Falmer, Brighton, Sussex BN 1 9 RH, England.(2) Rendel Sabastian Pease M.A. DSc. FRS, The Polars West Lissley Newbury Berks, England. (3) Arthur Vick K.T. OBE, D.Sc. Ph.D. LL.D., DCL, F Inst. P. FIEEMRIA. Filldhead Cottage, Field Head Lane, Nyton road, Warwick CV 34 6 QF, England. (4) Daily Herald, London-7, Stration Street WIX 5 FD, England. (5) Daily Guardian, London, 119  Farrington  Road, ECIR 3ER.




(1) New York Times, A.O. Sulzberger 229 West 43rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10035. (2) Dr. Edward Teller, University of California, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, P.O. Box No. 808, Livermore, California, 94550, U.S.A. Home Address: 943 Sancirva Flace, Stanford California 94350, U.S.A. (3) Gerald Frederick Tape, M.Sc. Ph.D. 6717 Tulip Hill, Terrace Washington, D.C. U.S.A. (4) Wolfgang Kurt Hermann panofsky, A.B.Ph.D. Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre, Stanford University, P.O. Box No. 4349, Stanford Calif. 94305, U.S.A.


(1) Statens Karnkraft Inspecktion Box No. 2, 106 S-105 52 Stockholm, Sweden.




International Atomic Energy, Karntner Ring 11, P.O.Box  No. 590 A-1011 Vienna, Austria.




Robert Pompe, Ekhoffstrass 27, Berlin, Kopenick, German Democratic Republic.




Jacques Yvon : C/O Commissariat A L' Energie Atomique 31-33 Rue De La Federation- Paris,15, E. France.




Nosufusa Saito, DC, C, 5-12-9, Koshigoe, Kamakura Japan 248.

(2) Yukawa Hideki, D.Sc. 6, Izumikawa Cho, Schimogamo, Sakyoku Kyoto, Japan. (3) Sasaki Yoshitake House of Representatives, Japan.




Andrey Admitryevick Kakaror, USSR. Academy of Science, Leninsky Prospekt 14 Moscow, USSR.




Chairman, Department of Atomic Energy Government of India, Appolox Pier Road, Bombay.


            Personally, I was, and still am, dead certain about the scientific correctness of the facts of the characterization in question, and I sought the attestation of the celebrities in view of the general ignorance of the mankind about the subject of atomic science, and I approached the authoritative among the atomists merely because the second graders would not assume courage to give attestation despite their knowledge of the truth of the facts judging from the extreme formidability of the basic theme. I had sent the letters in real good faith, but the result of my enterprise was as follows:-

1.         The Guardian sent me the article back with the remarks, "The editor thanks you for letting him see your contribution, but regrets that he is unable to make use of it".

2.         From Dr.R.S.Pease, the Director of Culham Lab. (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority), I received a letter dated 13th May 1980, containing one sentence of acknowledgment, namely, "Thank you for your note about atomic energy".

3.         On 20th August I received a letter from Statens Karnkraft Inspektion Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, signed by Bennart Gillham and dated 19-6-1980. It contains, “This short letter I write to you only to tell you, we have received your article, A design of the neutralizer of the atomic bomb and radiation".

4.         From Shirley Petty, Secretary to Dr. Edward Teller (the famous inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb) I received the following letter dated July 29, 1980. The letter I received on 5th August 1980. It read:-

            "Please accept my apologies for the long delay in acknowledging receipt of your letter dated 3rd May to Doctor Teller. Teller has been on extended travel these last few months and he will be traveling most of this year also. In view of this, I am returning your letter in case you may want to forward it, to someone else".

            The rest of the venerable addressees assumed reticence. It is difficult to know the impression made by my article on their mind, but one thing of which I am dead certain is their notion of the impossibility of neutralizing the atomic bomb physically. Judging from the subject of atomic science the impossibility of the idea appears quite correct. Yet the design of the neutralizer of the atomic bomb certainly I have to present to the world, and it is a very scientific one. But it is not I, the Quran it is that has presented the basic theory. And allow me to say, that it is the only possible method and the only feasible design to rid this world of the threat of atomic bombs and atomic radiations. If this world is destined to be saved from the atomic ruin it is through this very design of the neutralizer of the atomic bomb certainly which I am now presenting to this mankind.

            You have read the names of the nuclear scientists in the list of my addressees that constitutes the cream of the nuclear world of today. Then mark the meagre response which my article has received. The world I believe, is most prone to attribute the apparent indifference on the part of these eminent scientists naturally to the worthlessness of the article, whereas the disregard of these scientists themselves might have been due to the improbability of the promise of the neutralization of the atomic phenomenon. No doubt it is extremely hard for a nuclear scientist to entertain a possibility of designing a neutralizer of the atomic bomb or the atomic radiations. And why the world in general should regard the worthlessness of my article as the cause of the indifference of the scientists? The reason is the high image of the scientist against my total obscurity. Nay, the general world is prone to retain their view even after the article in question has been published to the world. The reason is that the world in general is, not excluding, the non-scientist scholars, professors, philosophers, theologians and the elite, utterly and completely un-conversant with the subject of nuclear science. Even among the nuclear scientists there are not many that could lay a claim to perfection in their subject, or may be looked upon as an authority in their field, though the nuclear science despite its proverbial difficulty, complexity and intricacy is in its preliminary stages. Whoever, however, will happen to read the article in question will not miss the point that absurdity, puerility or superficiality could not have been the reason of the neglect or indifference as shown by the noteworthy addressees, in this case. The knowledgeable atomists will generously admit that no characterization of the atomic phenomenon has hitherto appeared as brief yet as comprehensive, so realistic and at the same time so novel, so simple yet so deeply penetrating so amusing and nonetheless so thought-provoking. It is a miracle undeniable by even the science itself. And there it is that I find a reason to lament the absence of Einstein as my personal loss. He could have appreciated my treatment of the subject and seen my line unless this mankind was destined to be broiled in the atomic hell.

            I entertain my deepest sympathy for the scientist in this respect. I realize that it is hard for a nuclear scientist to believe in any possibility of the appearance of a design of any kind of a neutralizer of the atomic phenomenon, and it is quite natural on their part to look with doubt and suspicion on any suggestion or claim of this kind. Yet I expected them at least to discern between pure fiction, or factious absurdity and remarkably scientific treatment of their subject, and I expected at least a receipt of the article, and a review of the article in favour or against. If they considered that I did only bluff. Then bluff I did not.

            Following is the formula of the design of the neutralizer of the atomic bombs, and atomic radiations:-

SWE  X  MC2   symbol 174 \f "Symbol"  (NH) T   symbol 174 \f "Symbol"  D   symbol 174 \f "Symbol"  (NH)    E 



            The explanation of this formula will appear in the Fifth chapter by the name of "The Neutralizing Formula of the Quran".

  Now if this formula ultimately emerged as not exactly what they had fancied, or the kind of a formula that they had expected, then let it be known that no other is possible, and it is the only possible method of escaping the world-consuming flames of atomic fire and the life-destroying radiations. It reminds me of the Leibnizian expression, "The best of all the possible worlds", this expression as is known was held up to very exquisite ridicule by the great French wit Voltaire in his Romance called "Candide" (1757). No occasion, however, now in the presence of the atomic threat is there for ridicule. The occasion only is for the mourning. Humanity now stands face to face with atomic ruin that did quench the Voltarian wit. But whether it was my misfortune or the misfortune of mankind, or whether it was some particular divine strategy that no sooner, than I dispatched this letter to the scientists and my work was complete, I fell sick which I still am. May God grant me health that I may be able to convey the message to mankind. Next read the characterization of atomic phenomenon in the words of the Quran.



            " Otama! And what could teach thee what Al-Otama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leaps up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran- Al-Homaza -104)

            The "O" of Otama is stressed by "H" in the Quran. We will discuss now point by point:-

1.         The Quran says, "Otama". Otama is a pure Arabic word derived from the root-verb Atama or Hatama, which means "to break something into pieces" or "to shatter" it. "Otama" or "Hotama" is a descriptive noun and means "a breaker" or crusher. That the Quran should call a fire by the name of breaker could at once call to the mind of the scientist the German term 'BREMSSTRA-HLUNG' which literally meant "breaking radiation" and was applauded as highly descriptive by the atomists when first coined by the Germans for continuous spectrum of rays, Not only this, but it has to be observed that the characteristic of breaking or crushing is one of these particular characteristics of the atomic phenomenon which distinguish it from all the rest of the phenomenon, chemical and electrical.  Mark the atomic energy appearing by breaking the binding of the atomic nucleus. Atomic and only the atomic energy, is generated in this manner and none other. Not only this, but further, the atomic phenomenon may be regarded as the absolute crusher, since its breaking and crushing is of a nature absolute. Atoms once crushed could not be reconstructed by any method of synthesis. Nucleus once disintegrated could not be rearranged in its original form by any means or method. So completely absolute is the crushing involved in the atomic actions and reactions that the destruction of both the basic building block of the universe, that is atom, and the basic unit of life, that is the cell is embraced. This again is a characteristic which distinguishes the atomic phenomenon from all the rest. Not only this, but further the atomic radiations that are inherent in the very nature of the atomic phenomenon, show the identical trait of breaking and crushing. In inanimate matter they break the atomic nuclei and cause transmutations of atoms by changing the form of the nuclei. In living bodies, they attack the cell nucleus and break the chromosomes thereof.

            The Heat Flash of the atomic bomb explosion falls with a crushing impact like lightning on the body and kills the heart of its victim with the shock. The blast of the atomic bomb is terrible crusher of structures, while the radiations of the atomic bomb explosion carry out the process of crushing in the usual way. The first two features may be observed in the conventional bombs also. But what is the crushing wrought by the conventional bombs to that wrought by the atomic bomb.

            This trait, that of breaking and crushing on the part of atomic phenomenon may be observed with conspicuity in all the standard text books of atomic physics that may be found replete with terms like "bombarding, crushing, smashing, hitting, breaking" etc. in the description of the actions and reactions of atomic phenomenon. Likewise the standard text books of Radiobiology may be found replete with phrases like "target concept, direct action, indirect action, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes" and sentences like  "radiation hit the cells like sledge hammer and crush them", while describing the actions and reactions of radiations. To this may be added the words of Rutherford that expressed his astonishment at the crushing trait of the atomic particles. After his famous experiment in which he had bombarded the gold foil with alpha particle, he wrote in his diary," It was incredible as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you. It was the most incredible moment that ever happened to me in my life".

            Lastly back to the question of the phonetic and functional identity existing between the word "atomic" and Quran's "Otamic". The former being coined or adopted by the scientist and the latter by the Quran. Atom no longer means something indestructible, while Otama of the Quran means a destroyer, yet both are expressive of the act of breaking. Do mark the sound of the two words : It appears to be one word. Is this then a mere coincidence? No. The exact characterization of the atomic phenomenon by the Quran excludes the possibility. Rather it appears that he who coined the term Otama, had before his eyes, indeed supernaturally penetrating eyes, the entire theme of atomic phenomenon and all the future ages. The term Otama being neither Greek nor English enhances the wonder at being so similar term as atomic even in the Arabic tongue. What other name could be given to this fact if not a miracle?

            The Quran says, "Otama is fire of Allah enkindled". This point involves no complexity. Atomic phenomenon produces Energy. Energy produces heat. Heat produces fire. The association of fire with atomic bombs and radiations is a well known fact. But why Allah would associate this particular fire with his own name is the question. The colossal magnitude of atomic fire as well as of its problem might be the consideration. Also if this mankind is consumed eventually by the flames of the atomic bombs or the effects of radiations, then rightly this fire may be regarded as the retribution and wrath of Allah enkindled. This is a fact which takes the mind of every thoughtful man to the causes and the effects of this great problem. Will this mankind be able to avoid the atomic war for ever, will it be able to guard itself from the hazards that are apparently incident on the existence of the factor of atomic radiation, are the questions that demand the attention of every man that is endowed with the faculty of thought.

            The Quran says, "Otama is a fire which leaps up onto the hearts". Here then is a characteristic of the atomic phenomenon which may be regarded as one most distinctively characteristic and the one, that distinguishes the atomic phenomenon from every other. But this point of the Quran is proved by merely calling the atomic phenomenon by its characteristic name that of "The Nuclear Phenomenon". The nuclear phenomenon is called as nuclear because its actions appear in the nucleus (heart) of the atom. That, in no other phenomenon, chemical and electrical, the actions take place in the nucleus of the atom is well known. The nucleus therein in all non-atomic phenomena remains untouched to the end. But how the point of leaping up onto the hearts is proved is the question. The Quran has used the word "Hearts". While the scientists have used the word "Nucleus". But the scientist himself uses the word "Heart" for the nucleus. The Heart with nucleus thus is a synonym. The Quran has not spoken amiss. That the scientist frequently and most aptly uses the word heart to signify the nucleus may be found in the standard textbooks on atomic physics. Two of the scores of examples will suffice:-

(a)        "Each fast particle comes from the break-up of the very heart of the single atom (the nucleus) of the radioactive material". (Vide Physics: Physical Science study Committee--second edition----D.C. Heath and Company Lexington, Massachusetts, July 1965  page 130).

(b)        " How many nuclear heart-beats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts only billionth of a second". (Ibid. Page 21. Short Problems).

            Edward Teller spoke in the year 1939, of taking energy from the heart of the atom. The entire action of the atomic that is the nuclear phenomenon, is within the nuclei of the atoms. The fission as well as the fusion process both take place within the nuclei of the atoms of the fissile and fusile material. The best spectacle however, of the leaping up onto the hearts (that is the nuclei), and the best proof of the word of the Quran may be seen in the case of the "Thermonuclear action", wherein the heat produced in the inner fission device is being directed onto the hearts, that is the nuclei of the outer fusile material. Remarkable in itself is the term "Thermo-nuclear" in its purport. It clearly means "a fire which leaps up onto the nuclei that is the hearts".

            The atomic radiations not only show the nuclear characteristics by having their actions within the nuclei, whether in inanimate matter or whether in the living body, but further by showing a particular attraction for the heart or whatever in the body is related to the heart. They present the point of the Quran touching the heart in a manner so quaintly suggestive as deserved the notice of scientist. Radiations affect the coordination of the function at a level where it is beyond the control of the brain. That is nearer to the heart of life itself, bone-marrow and all the blood-forming organs are more sensitive to the effects of radiations than the brain, the nerves and the muscles. Mark the blood relation of Bone-marrow and Blood-forming organs with the heart. Multi-cellular organisms are more sensitive to radiation than the Uni-cellular. This fact may be attributed to the better development of the Circulatory and Respiratory System of the Multi-cellular organism. The blood relation of the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems with the heart is known. The action of radiations is retarded in the absence of oxygen and again the blood relation of oxygen with heart is known. Heat-flash of the atomic bomb kills its victim through shock to the heart. Mark the factor of blood relation in all these above-mentioned instances.

            The Quran says " Otama is a fire closed in on them". The atomic phenomenon shows encompassing characteristic distinctly. The fallout enclosures of the local and global kind, the tenacity of the bone-seeking radio-active materials, the appearance of cancer six to thirty years after the actual exposure to radiation, the appearance of the effects of radiation on the cell in anaphase inspite of the attack of radiation on the cell in its resting stage, the encompassment of the whole body by radiation inspite of the irradiation of one organ only, the survival of the lethally irradiated frogs for many months instead of dying in the usual time interval of three to six week if kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just above Freezing Point, conditional to the appearance of radiation symptoms as soon as the frogs are warmed up and then  the occurrence of their death in the usual time interval that of three to six weeks, and Alexander Haddow's suggestion that the Cancer-producing action of the Cancer-producing substances might be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth, and the encompassment of mankind to generations by radiation, even to the point of extinction through long term Radio-genetic effects, and thereafter the encompassment of the earth by radiation for millions of years due to the widespread Radioactive substances, and also the encompassment of earth by radiation in the age of full-fledged atomic-energy-for-peace, are some of the facts that indicate the distinct encompassing features of the atomic phenomenon.

            The Quran says" Outstretched columns". Besides the symbolically distinctive feature of the outstretched column associated with the atomic bomb explosion, the world of Radio-activity may be seen as a world of columns. The 4 centimeter rise of an Alpha Particle if seen in comparison to its tiny size with the height it has assumed, may be regarded as to have constituted a column. A foot-ball rising to a height in similar proportion to its diameter would disappear in the outer space. The Cosmic Rays may be regarded to have risen in columns whose dizzying heights might cause the mind to reel. The Quran says, "What could teach thee what Al-Hotama is?" Judging from the complexity of the nuclear science, the same question may be put to the nuclear scientist and the answer would invariably be" Nothing". The terribleness of the atomic phenomenon is besides, of a kind quite unique.



            You have read the characterization of the atomic phenomenon  as is given by the Quran. Now we will give the other part of the process that is, the characterization of the philosophy of atomistic materialism as is given by the Quran in the same context, and in the same brief chapter consisting of about 36 words. Read the following:-

            "Woe unto every backbiter, defamer who heapeth up riches and prepareth the same (for the time to come). He thinketh that his riches will render him immortal. By no means. He shall surely be cast into Al-Hotama. And what shall cause thee to understand what Al-Hotama is? (It is) the kindled fire of God, which leapeth up onto the hearts. Verily (it is) a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns". (The Quran-104-Al-Homaza).

            Hotama is translated by Rodwell as "the crushing fire", and by Pickthall as “the consuming one". In fact it is a hell, a peculiar hell by this peculiar name in the next eternal world. The atomic hell appearing in this transient world is the terrestrial representation of the eternal Hotama or Otama, just as ordinary chemical fire is of the hell of ordinary fire in the next world, and garden is of paradise. The necessity of the study of the original Arabic text of the Quran becomes apparent. Since the mysteries hidden in the words could be revealed in the original word only and translations however could not serve the purpose.

            Now the study of this chapter of the Quran reveals a process in which slander, wealth-accumulation, and a belief in the eternity of riches are given as three factors which constitute the cause of the appearance of atomic hell as the logical and scientific consequence. What remains for us now is to show that this characterization of the three habits given by the Quran, the cause of the punishment in the hell of Hotama is exactly, the characterization of this modern Baconian atomistic materialism. In 5th Century B.C. a Greek Philosopher Democritus gave the concept of Atomism. It meant that this universe is a collection of tiny atoms. Which move by themselves without any control or plan and they are indestructible. This philosophy was opposed by all the notable Greek Philosophers of that time such as Socrates, Aristotle and Plato. They called this philosophy as irreligious. In the Christian era, this philosophy disappeared. In 17th Century Francis Bacon revived the philosophy of Atomism and based it on rationalism in order to achieve material progress by means of science. It is the result of this very same philosophy that mankind of this present age considers the accumulation of wealth as the sole purpose of man's life. We will treat the issue point by point. The Quran says, "Woe to every backbiter, defamer". Backbiting and defaming the doctrinal aspect of revealed faith is an aspect intrinsic in the doctrinal basis of atomism both ancient Greek and modern Baconian. The philosophy of modern rationalism has due to the peculiar philosophy of modern materialism assumed the colour of slander. Backbiting and defaming is a conspicuously characteristic feature of this age and in a manner that distinguishes it from every previous age. Further that the rude manner of pre-modern slander has been imparted an intellectual and sophisticated cast, and mark the change of meanings which the word propaganda has received in this age. The Quran says, "He heapeth up riches and perepareth the same for the time to come". Now this entire world is before you. Mark the zeal, solicitude and intensity in individual and collective endeavour to gain wealth. But further mark the kind of pursuit in comparison to the description given by the words of the Quran above quoted. No words could better describe this modern organized, systematic, ever-increasing, and infinite kind of Baconian progress, which is a process well differentiated from the wealth accumulation in pre-modern ages. The Quran says, "He thinketh that his riches will render him immortal". The expression means that he thinks that his wealth will be with him for ever. A peculiarly characteristic feature of this Baconian age is a belief in the ever-increasing infinity of this modern progress. Eternity of this material universe has been the belief of the ancient Greek Atomism, and in the eternity of this modern progress is the belief of this age. Mark the particular solicitude of the people of this age in the durability of the worldly works as if they think they have to remain here forever.

            The Quran says, "By no means, he shall surely be cast into Al-Hotama". (Along with his riches).

            The Quran negates the notion of for-ever remaining rich, the notion entertained by the slandering wealth accumulator in question, and says rather he shall be cast into Al-Hotama, to be crushed, both he and his wealth, such is the inexorability of the process involved. And no doubt just as the three ingredients of gunpowder certainly  produce dynamite, the three habits pointed out by the Quran invariably produce the atomic hell. Mark the relation of the atomic phenomenon to the process of this science-guided modern industrio-economic system, and you will understand the reality with utmost certainty. So inextricably is this world now entangled in the atomic net that despite their knowledge of the fast approaching atomic ruin they cannot ban the atomic energy to avert and avoid the deadly doom. See the scientists obliged to recommend the use of atomic energy for so called peace, without first rendering the deadly atomic radiations innocuous and thus rendering themselves liable to the grievous charge of gross violation of the general rules of the methodology of science in which they have implicit and explicit faith. No other alternative now is left for this mankind, but either to suddenly perish by atomic bombs deservedly, or to perish in a painful, lingering manner under the radiations of atomic-energy-for-peace, deservedly.


            Every philosopher of Atomism on earth is required to attest that the following facts about Baconian philosophy of modern atomism, and this modern progress are correct:-

1.         This Baconian philosophy of modern atomism is the philosophy of man's dominion over the forces of nature as man's destiny and his right and purpose through continuous research of science for the material benefit of mankind in general.

2.         The modern progress is continuous, ever-increasing and endless and is the means of wealth-acquirement and wealth-accumulation, in an organized manner, and in accordance with a scheme of future development, continually, endlessly, and the general belief is in its continuous, endless development.             

3. That the word "Propaganda" has received the new meanings in this modern age, a meaning that has assumed defamatory shade. And that the habit of slander and defaming has been intellectualized as an art in this modern age.                         






This attestation proves the identity between the character described by the Quran and this Baconian culture.                                                        


            How to avert then and avoid this painful atomic doom is the question. Slander, wealth-accumulation and a belief in the eternity of this modern progress of wealth-accumulation are the factors given out by the Quran as the basic cause of the appearance of the atomic hell, and evidently it is by the neutralization of these factors, that their effect, that is the fire of atomic hell could be neutralized. And because the mechanical naturalization of the atomic bombs and radiations, appears to be an improbability, the only alternative is to adopt the method offered by the Quran. And thus it is in the light of these facts that are given out by the Quran that the following may be formulated:-

SWE X MC2   symbol 174 \f "Symbol"  (NH) T   symbol 174 \f "Symbol"  D   symbol 174 \f "Symbol"  (NH)   E 

symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"symbol 190 \f "Symbol"


            SWE stands for slander, wealth accumulation, and a belief in the eternity of the process of wealth increase. MC2 no doubt is Einstenian Mass into Speed of light. (NH) T is the resulting transient nuclear hell of this transient world. D of course is the bridge of death to cross onto the next eternal world. (NH)E is the eternal nuclear hell (Hotama) of the next eternal world. CPH is there to cancel out and neutralize the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell. CPH stands for charity, poverty, humility. Charity is there to counteract slander. Poverty to counteract greed of wealth and zeal in wealth accumulation. Humility counteracts pride in wealth and belief in the eternity of this world and its riches. The disappearance of greed and zeal in wealth accumulation will dispense with the necessity of deadly atomic energy and progress. Belief in the transience of this life and the eternity of the next life will help the process of the disintegration of this science-guided industrio-economic system till this world is rid of it to avoid its unutterably grievous results. Hard indeed even to think, but no other alternative left for man.

            And have you observed the continuance of the atomic hell after man's death to the next eternal world in the formula of neutralization given above? Well this is the essence of the entire theme. But for this fact I perhaps might have quailed before the dreadful ordeal that I had to undergo during my lengthy struggle in this subject. If the case of the atomic hell had ended with this transient life, the case could not have been regarded as so grievous despite its unspeakable grievousness. But alas! The theme moves further into the next world, there into the eternal flames of the eternal hell of Hotama, because the causes of the punishment in the eternal Hotama as given out by the Quran are precisely the same as may be seen in the appearance of this transient atomic hell of this transient world. There is a possibility for some people to escape the effects of this transient atomic hell, just as there is a possibility for some generations to escape the hazards of the atomic phenomenon, but who will escape the decree in the next world. The avoidance of the Hotama of the next world is thus linked with the avoidance of this transient hell of this present world. And the thought of eternal punishment in the flames of the Hotamic hell of the next world is frightful.

            And in the end allow me to say that this prophecy of the Quran is a miracle undeniable even by the science itself. Who could know these things fourteen centuries in the past and what Plato or Aristotle there was to estimate the appearance of atomic bombs from the philosophy of atomism? Herein is thus a most irrefutable proof of the divine original of the Quran. This prophecy of the Quran is Noah's ark in this universal deluge of atomic fire and is like the Rod of Moses to devour up the serpents of magicians. No movement against this atomic threat could be conducted except by adopting the lines provided by this prophecy of the Quran. Nor is there any possibility of perfect revival of effective promulgation of any religion without adopting the light shed by it. How dearly I wish meetings with the nuclear scientists to place the case before them and the philosophers of atomism all over the world. What universal metamorphosis do I descry in this world, and a revolution with what difficulties for me. God be my support. In him do I trust as His servant and slave to eternity.



            It was on 17th February 1917, the day and the month of the traditional deluge of Noah, against the fiery deluge of this present age, and the year of Lenin's revolution, that I was born in a village in Salt Range (Valley Soan Sakaser, Khoshab) a tract which now forms part of Pakistan. My first reflection of this house of trial was a pair of lofty hind legs of a camel when I was barely an infant a few months old. My mother sat in the right hand side palanquin of the camel. I in her lap, when the camel began to rise, the rope snapped and the palanquin fell and I was tossed from the lap of my mother, and fell behind the legs of the camel which had by then risen. Spectacle of the two lofty, ozymandian hind legs of the camel is still fresh in my memory. And when many years later one day I happened to mention the incident to my mother, she was visibly astonished, and said, "How you can remember,  you were barely a few months old then. You might have heard it from someone". How little did then I know, what this abnormal memory was to do with me in my life in this world. Many of reminiscence of the glimpses of Wordsworthian nature in my very early years I have still fresh in my mind. In modern kind of schooling or the school I had no interest. After a reluctant attendance in a school I left without sitting even in the Matriculation Examination. My father succumbed to the grief at the tragic incident and died in disappointment. His great hopes in me had been shattered. Alas!

            In my early childhood, I saw a dream. I saw, that one of the rooms of our house was in a state of dilapidation. The roof was not there, and, about four feet of the walls stood. The debris was gathered behind the walls like a support. Presently I saw two beams of torch light playing on the northern wall of the room, and I heard then a sound of the word, "Alarum" repeated a few times, "Alarum, Alarum, Alarum" issuing from the South at a distance of about a hundred yards or so. Then I saw two horse riders on their horses approaching from the place where the sound of the word "Alarum" had issued in the south. The beams of the light that were falling on the wall actually issued from the foreheads of those two riders. And they by and by approached the dilapidated room. Without hesitation or pausing or looking this way or that way, and advancing their horses and climbing up the Eastern wall of the room and moving on the walls, and making a round on the three walls on their horses, and then climbing down the Western wall, disappeared. I, to this day remember the smallest detail of that which I had seen, though neither the significance nor the interpretation of the dream I understood till at the last stage of my mission. About fifty years later when I read the life history of Francis Bacon, I realized that he too had seen a dream in his nineteenth year. Francis Bacon the trumpeter of this modern age, when in France, had two days before the sudden and very untimely death of his father, Sir Nicholas Bacon in England seen in a dream, his father's house in England covered all over with black mortar. When the sad news of the demise of his father reached him in France, he quite naturally interpreted the dream he had seen as an omen of his father's death. His interpretation, however, was only partially correct. His unfortunate dream had a very far reaching interpretation. The untimely death of his father had changed the course of his career, that unfortunately for this mankind led him to his philosophy of atomistic materialism which today prevails in the entire world, so that this entire world may be seen now covered all over with black Baconian Mortar. About my own dream the point is, that I do not think, I, in those years of my very early childhood had either heard the word "Alarum" or could have known its meaning, though now, in the light of my mission. I have its perfect recognition as the forewarning of the particular alarum that I now raise before this world. Also I am doubtful that I at that time had ever seen either the electric torch or the beam of the electric light. The dilapidated room I think meant the destruction of this Baconian atomism, while the beam of the electric torch meant the light of faith now to prevail over this world. The room I saw in the state of dilapidation in my dream has actually been destroyed. And I have for ever left that place.

            In 1942, my 25th year I had another dream to which my first one which I have above mentioned may be linked. In the second dream which I will now mention, I saw again two persons, but in a different prospective. It was in 1942, my 25th year, and the year in which Enrico Fermi, the great Italian Physicist had finally succeeded in opening the gate of the atomic fire and the subsequent atomic hell through his successful realization of the fission chain reaction in Chicago, without my knowledge of either Fermi, Einstein or any such thing as the atomic energy, or the atomic physics. I saw the dream in a place called Mussayyib near Baghdad. A dream that changed the entire course of my future life. There in my dream I saw that I was somewhere on a plane in western Iraq or Eastern Syria, of the remote, blue hills of Turkey appeared in the North as background. I saw that I stood with my face toward the north, and I beheld before me lying on a bare bedstead that was woven with some coarse material a man with his head towards the west and feet towards the east, a lean, tall, sinewy, dirty coloured, and swarthy person in supine posture with face upwards, and like a skeleton without much flesh and almost nude, tied to the bedstead with ropes. His eyes were closed, but seemed to peep upward through the minute aperture that appeared between the eyelids. He seemed to have been engrossed in some deep, remote thought, and as if in deep agony of mind. I stood looking on the figure for a while. Then I saw that I stood a little to the north, twenty to thirty yards or so. And there before my eyes, I saw a tree, my face still toward the north. The tree was neither exceptionally tall, nor was it very gigantic, and was round above the stem. The leaves of this tree resembled the leaves of the pipal tree, wide and round. On every leave sat a small parakeet of green light, all engaged in humming together in a continuous chant incomprehensible to me. The whole tree appeared to be enwrapped in radiance. I stood looking at the tree for a while, and then still further to the north, say about a hundred yards or so I saw myself, still facing toward the north standing, face to face with two men. One of them stood on my left-hand. The other stood a little to my right hand. The one standing on my left was a man of small stature of slight built, and of slightly dark complexion, and having a very lean and sharp nose, and sharp lean features of face. On his head he wore a turban of green colour like Saint Al-Khedhr, it was a turban fashioned like a cap(fez) as the one that the late grant Mufti Al-Hussaini, of Palestine used to wear, and was of green colour. His head was tilted on his right shoulder, as if unable to hold it upright due to rigorous religious exercise. But he that stood toward my right hand defied all expression. So unimaginably glorious, so superbly beautiful was he in appearance. He was of a tall and upright stature, and white radiant colour, and sturdy built. He stood upright like a tower with his eyes fixed on some very remote object towards the south, neither making a gesture, nor moving his eyelid. The hair of his head was jet black and reached the lobes of ears. And he stood without a headgear. His beard was thick jet black, and was of a moderate length. On the whole he appeared to be unimaginably unique paragon of manly beauty with apparently Persio-Iraquian features. He was taller than me, for I had to raise my eyes to look at his face. And I perceived a sense of strange awe in his presence and when I stood before him, the word Ibraheem (the Arabic counterpart of Abraham) appeared in my mind due to the resemblance that occurred between the upright stature of the word Ibraheem and the upright stature of the person that stood before me. And I thought to myself that I was a candidate for some appointment. And that the one on my left, the green turbaned one, recommended me to the one on my right. The green turbaned looked askance at the one on my right without moving his head, and appeared as if trying to know the mind of the one on my right regarding the response to his recommendation. The whole atmosphere was bathed in the flood of moonlight that no Wordsworth could imagine. I awoke with mingled feelings of great joy and great regret. Joy at the dream and regret at my awaking up from such a dream.

            In the days I saw this dream, I could read the Quran but without knowing either the meanings or the interpretation thereof. When many years later I learned the meaning and the interpretations of the Quran, I knew about a Holy one mentioned in the Quran, whom the authentic commentators of the Quran have called Al-Khedhr because he was dressed in green apparel. The Quran has released, and the Quran only, of all the scriptures, that Moses was sent by the command of God to Al-khedhr to know that particular kind of knowledge which Allah had particularly bestowed on him. Moses, however, found himself unable to learn that particular kind of knowledge. Al-Khedhr told Moses, that all he did was only by the command of Allah, even if apparently unjustifiable. The general tradition remembers Al-Khedhr as a guide to those who might have lost their way in the wilderness, and that he had drunk the water of the spring of eternity and lived for ever. Besides that I also knew in the light of the Quran that my dream was a near description of the first 18 signs of the 53rd Chapter of the Quran. That describes a scene seen by the Holy Prophet in Heaven during his night journey to the throne of God. The Quran says:-

            “By the star when it setteth, your compatriot erreth not, nor is led astray, neither speaketh from mere impulse. It is no other than a revelation revealed to him. One terrible in power taught it him, endued with wisdom With even balance stood he  in  the  highest  part  of  the  horizon:  then   came he nearer and approached, and was at the distance of two bows or even closer and he revealed to his servant what he revealed. His heart falsified not what he saw. What, will ye dispute with him as to what he saw? He had seen him also another time, near the Sidrah which marks the boundary near which the Garden of Repose when the Sidrah tree was covered with what covered it. His eye turned not aside nor did it wander. For he saw the greatest signs of his Lord!. (The Quran LIII-I-18).

            These are the signs of the Quran, first ones are about a vision of Gabriel by the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and the subject of revelation and after that are the signs about the Sidrah tree and other great signs of Allah seen by the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon him) during his night journey in heavens. The Sidrah tree was in the seventh heaven. On every leaf of that tree was an Angel engaged in adoration. There is the abode of Angel Gabriel and the repository of the four revealed books constantly recited there by Angels.

            After I had seen the dream  I became prepossessed by the desire of knowledge for the sake of knowledge, and from the year 1942 to this day in the year 1980 I have been engrossed in study of various branches of knowledge, and all of the highest classical order, languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences and scriptures. The Quran having been the central point of my study, around which every subject revealed. All that I did without a teacher. Nine volumes in various languages, I have written of these two following may be regarded as the key to the future destiny of this mankind that now approaches its grievous doom:-

1- Quran predicts, characterizes and averts the atomic hell. English.2- Quran quells atomism and redeems the mankind from the hell of atomism. English. Both these volumes are the interpretation of a 36 word "104th Chapter" of the Quran by the name of Al-Homaza. This Chapter of the Quran is a miracle undeniable, and is concerned with atomic hell.

            In the same period and the same region that is Iraq I saw two other dreams. In the first dream I found myself standing with my face toward south. Before me stood a mosque of grand structure and built with red stone. Its gate was at the eastern end of its northern wall. Before this gate I stood and the atmosphere was like dusk, and a fierce wind blew from the west and I slipped into the mosque. There I beheld in the center of the compound a solid, cubical, whitehead pulpit. In the second dream I saw myself lying on a bare bedstead in the north-east corner of a great stately hall of mud walls most exquisitely rendered and plastered all over nicely with mud. Behind my head on the northern wall I perceived without looking with eyes or moving my head the picture of crucifix.

            And now whether I had seen any dream or not, and whether I had learned all that knowledge without a teacher and in most adverse circumstances or not, it is the affair personally of my own. Mankind is bound to see and judge my work on the basis of science and argument, and not on any pretension or claim of divinity or divine sanction. This only is the proper course in this particular age. By whatever agency, I gained my object, is the concern exclusively of my own.  I have by the Grace of Almighty Allah done my duty, it is for the mankind now to take up the yoke, as the last attempt to avoid the grievous atomic doom. Ask not who says it. But see what has been said. All those mystic experiences, that I had, and all those mysterious portents which I have seen, and all those mysteries that were revealed to me during my lengthy and grievous ordeal, warrant a volume, and need time to write. That I have none at present. Take what I have to offer to you at this critical juncture of human history, and deprive not yourself of a guidance and light that could save you from a dreadful doom and a horrific end.



            Many a man in human history has had to tell a very thrilling story of the hardships of a struggle in quest of knowledge, and indeed the most difficult is the task of the acquirement of the knowledge itself. But mine appears to be the strangest and indeed very painful. My aversion to the exertion for knowledge despite the unique excellence of my mind and memory is a fact which deserves notice. Mine has been a life of no thrilling events, but rather a life of constant heart-burning. And although it has been a lengthy, continuous tale of heart-breaking afflictions, there is nothing that could cause world-wide sensation excepting indeed the queer result of my struggle. I do understand why a goodly number of philosophers have committed a suicide in disappointment. Mine, however, has been a case different, for, despite most excruciating experience, I have always entertained some inner hope that has supported me throughout. And I have, always found extraordinary strength to match the magnitude of the huge undertaking. I had to cope with a lot of strange, and constantly increasing problems and was required throughout to brave an incessant line of storms, and bear grief, and suffer losses and afflictions on my course toward the ultimate destination which until recently I did not know, but which I always felt as something, somewhere, in the heart of hearts.

            I was in a state of prepossession in those days when I had seen the vision in my 25th year. The thought of faith and religion had so powerfully possessed my mind that during most of the waking hours my lips moved repeating the Quran. The vision, not only had cast me right into the field of knowledge and learning, but also opened the gate of a storm in a continued succession of events of every kind that has not even left me now in this year of 1980.

            I was facing a court-martial on the very serious charge of disobedience of command during the war. I was a Havaldar in Indian army and the time was of second world-war. My crime was no other than my disobedience of the orders according to which the Punjabi Muslims were required to change their head-dress from the turban to the Gurkha style felt-hat. The attitude of the members of the Court-Martial, however, was very humane, and justice was metted out with visible leniency. I send my greetings now to the member of my court-martial. Spectacled Major Eshley, the Advocate I still remember by name. Poor instruments in the hands of fate. And I remember still the high mud walls of the prison of Zubair near Basrah in which I served the term of my imprisonment. Soon after my arrival in the prison, a Gurkha Butcher of my Unit, arrived in the Prison. He had fallen on the Subedar Major Sinha with his Butcher's knife, and almost killed him maiming him for life, for, the Subedar Major had provoked him to that extent by not admitting his application for repatriation to India tendered on the plea that his house had fallen and that his family was buried therein. God alone knows the truth or otherwise. Some months later the offender arrived in the Jail. The maimed Subedar Major was deprived of pension rights, and the assailant was sentenced to seven years rigorous imprisonment. I neither had any interest nor any connection with the tragic event. The Subedar Major, however, was the very person who had played the major role in my case by misguiding the Colonel (Macleu) and exaggerating the nature and degree of my offense. By relating this event I mean to show, the state of my mind then, see the crime, the charge and the risk braved. Col. So incomprehensibly beyond human ken are the doings of the providence. The Punishment given to Sub. Major was very severe. The Providence had evenged the wrong he had done to me.

            From 1942 to 1961 engrossed in study without a teacher I had not any notion of what the hand of destiny had intended for me. In 1961 the discovery of the prophetic warning of the Quran about the atomic bombs and radiations gave me some idea of my mission. And thereafter too the clear picture was in the mind of the providence only. Perhaps this interpretation of the warning of the Quran I would never have been able to write, but for an incident, in the year 1971 my services were terminated in the department of Auqaf in Lahore, and I was obliged to leave Lahore in search of some means of living somewhere. A person by the name of Abdul Hamid Qadri, a very kind friend, asked me to give him an article on the warning of the Quran about the atomic hell, the topic I had sometimes mentioned to him. I promised and occupied myself with writing the article. The result was not an article, but two bulky volumes that finally appeared in the year 1980, and written not in Lahore but in a place of seclusion, where I forgot about my employment, livelihood, everything, and was plunged in the work headlong, day in day out, at the average of 18 hours a day, wherein may be included a span of four years during which I worked constantly for more than twenty hours a day. I have observed the activity of some mysterious hand that led and controlled the entire course without my fore-knowledge. My employment for livelihood and a hundred other afflictions would never have allowed me that complete engrossment in the work without which my work would never have been as it now is, I have realized that I was only a tool in the hand of some supreme, powerful agency which had carried me to Lahore, a city of libraries to collect the material for my work, and which had turned me out of Lahore and brought me to Nawababad, Wah Cantt, Distt Rawalpindi for the manipulation of the material collected in Lahore, and the final composition of the work.

            A very interesting feature of my case is the rare spectacle which a man in this present world of three thousand millions souls should present as one alone engrossed in a materially unprofitable pursuit, and that too in a scripture, in this age of Baconian atomistic materialism, in this absolutely materialistic age wherein nothing is done without a consideration for material gain.

            I have all my life been obliged by the necessity to search for some employment here or there, in order to maintain myself and my family. My 38 years long struggle in the field of knowledge never added a groat to my pocket. Rather the sorrow of the friends for the un-profitability and futility of my pursuit, and the wastage of a great mind, and the calumny of the unsympathetic observers was the reward. Indeed in the light of the state of the physical capacities and the mental qualities bestowed on me by the providence, and the fire that has burnt in my heart, and the amount of labour which I expended in my particular pursuit of knowledge, it is not difficult to expect that every honour in political, intellectual, religious field was within my reach. The place of the President or the Prime Minister of a country, or a General in an Army, or the position of a business magnate was in no way impossible for me to achieve and honourably maintain. But on the other hand the sack-cloth and the floor and constant worry about employment, and perpetual exertion for an honest living, and all the inconveniences and insults that are associated with poverty have been my lot, and indeed of my own choice in my ever-miserable life. This is a case that could not have been considered as very unusual in any pre-modern age, but in this modern age of materialism this may be deemed as very rare. You might be required to travel all over the world in search with very dubious success to find such a one. Not a word of encouragement, no financial aid from any quarter  whatsoever came at any stage. Whether I had accepted any such aid is the question altogether different. Thanks to my Allah, however, that the qualities of honesty, sincerity, and simplicity every where earned for me the love and respect of those who knew me with some intimacy.

            The question is, why and how, a man in my position and circumstances, a mere bread-winning member of a family being tossed from one point to another in search of employment and at a stage of life past 25, should be seen pouring not for one, not for two but 38 years at a stretch, day in day out, on the works of such writers and authors as Homer, Dante, Virgil, Milton, Shakespeare, Words-worth, Blake, Keats, Shelley, Dickens, Gibbon, Darwin, Bacon, Berkeley, Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Benedict Spinoza, Gottfried Wilhem Leibniz, Friedrick Wilhelm Nietzsche, Plato, Aristotle, Democritus, Raudaki, Rumi, Attar, Farukhi, Sinai, Quanni, Khaaqanni, Urfi, Naziri, Anwari, Antar Ibn Shaddad, Sir James Jeans, and a lot of standard text books of Atomic Physics and Radiobiology besides early authentic commentaries on the Quran, and the text of pentateuch, Psalms, Gospel, Insha, Sauda, Dabir, Anees, Zauq, Ghalib, Shibli and Iqbal,  reading, understanding, meditating on every point and every thought, theory and hypothesis, indeed without a teacher, and without a guide. And without any social, religious, intellectual design, aim or object. Neither English nor Persian, nor Arabic being his mother tongue, and how to account for the provision of books of such a vast variety. This is a question which I myself could not have answered until a little while before the year 1980 when I crossed the sign post of my destination. Praised be Allah, the Merciful, how many a scholar has during the discussion of some point of complexity asked me, how I had managed to attain to so much knowledge; and how many an Englishmen has during conversation asked me, whence I had learned that English. And never once I had found myself in a position to manage a satisfactory answer. And I have here to reveal a point that may be helpful to understand the state of that uncertainty and instability of my financial circumstances, which has during all these decades haunted me incessantly, namely that, on a certain stage of my life I was obliged to take the masters degree from the Punjab University, Lahore no doubt privately in order to guard myself against any unexpected rather expected vicissitude.       By 1974 I had finished the first version of my work on the warning of the Quran about the atomic hell, it was in one volume only comprising 200 pages. To receive a review on it by some competent man proved to be an experience. The work placed the demands of unusual versatility and caliber on the reviewer, luckily for me an employee of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission undertook the work and kindly granted me a favourable review. I sent the work to the then Regime of Pakistan for publication. Another very favourable review was given by the Research Bureau of Pakistan Information Ministry. But then I happened to find a lot of latest standard books on atomic physics recently published in America and I withdrew my manuscript and rewrote the whole to comprise 1200 pages, that now await the publication.

            Of the complements which I received from time to time despite my obscurity, I will here mention but two. One of those came from Dr. Javed Iqbal, son of Iqbal, who in his critical appreciation of my poetical works wrote:-

            “The mode of thought is like that of Allama Iqbal. In a way it appears to be the echo of the works of Iqbal, would to God the possibilities of the achievement of that object which the poet has had in his mind might appear".

            And indeed no review could have been more truthful. It was in 1963, the other one came from Late Allama Allaudin Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor of the Punjab University. In response to the inquiry of a gathering of distinguished Ulema about my identity after some very impressive incident. He said:-

            “This is a man whom the providence has created in this nation by chance. That light and understanding of the Quran which Allah has bestowed on his breast, if this nation will fail to receive of him, Allah will never forgive this nation. No other man like him will rise".

            This was in 1963. The words still ring in my ears.

            The list of my works is as follows. All hitherto unpublished except Islamic bomb and Jihad. 1-The Quran characterizes and averts the atomic hell. 3- Quran quells atomism and redeems the mankind from hell of            atomism. 4-Life of Bacon..5-Unscientific Philosophy of the modern scientists in the light of the Quran. 6-An abridged version of Quran's treatment of Baconian atomism and atomic hell. 7-A collection of articles published in English and Urdu dailies.8-Faqri-e-Ghauur. (published) 9-Poetical works. Pages 300. 10-Capitalism, Socialism and Islam in comparison. In three volumes.11-Election in Zoo. Urdu. Pages 200.

            I have poured my blood in these works, and have drained the last ounce of my energy. May Allah accept them and make them useful for mankind. How many a desert, and sea, and mountain in the world, in shivering winters, and perspiring summers that did see a man absorbed in a book amidst a hundred sorrows and as many sufferings in quest of knowledge for the sake of knowledge, before his object appeared before him, that was to save this world from the grievous atomic doom. That I would be obliged to spend so much ink and so many words in the narration of my intellectual struggle, and my intellectual accomplishments, may be regarded as the irony of my fate. It is a matter more of pity than praise or pride, that in order to introduce myself and my work I am obliged to take to such a course. Otherwise in the heart of hearts, I do know the meagerness of human knowledge and hence my own knowledge therein. If Socrates had realized the fact, that, "He knew not" there is greater reason for me, as a man of this age of knowledge to realize the fact of littleness of man's knowledge. The greater is man's knowledge, the greater is the realization of this fact. But mark the extremity of my painstaking to which I am obliged to resort in this very painful mission. Realize therefore that my mission is firstly to save through Quran this world from atomic hell and secondly to provide the Muslims with Islamic economic system to save them from Communism. Nor have I left out such teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as are corroborated by the Quran.



            Complete anarchy will now prevail throughout the world. Every country will fight against every country. Every man's hand will be upon every man's throat. This earth will become an asylum of cancer-ridden chimeras, and a nest of disturbed hornets.

            No alternative now remains for this mankind but either to perish under the hails of atomic bombs suddenly, deservedly, or to perish slowly, lingeringly and miserably under the radiations of atomic-energy-for-peace, also deservedly. Any one, scientist, scholar or politician who refutes this statement, he is a victim of false hope. There is no protection against either the atomic bomb or the atomic radiation, now or ever.

            The entire world today follows Bacon's philosophy of modern atomism that is Man's dominion over nature as his right through continued, systematic research of science, for the material benefit of mankind in general, as man's purpose on earth and as God's command to Adam. Moral philosophy according to Bacon is man's persistence in Adam's first transgression of God's command in tasting the fruit of forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This philosophy is directly antithetic to revealed religion. Moral philosophy and not natural philosophy for material benefit is the basis of revealed religion. Therefore either the philosophy of revealed religion or this philosophy of Bacon. The two cannot coexist.

            This modern progress is based on Bacon's philosophy of modern atomism. It is continuous, systematic, organized, ever-increasing, infinite, and universal. Because it is ever-increasing, therefore it is bound to expel the thought of the otherworld and religion gradually from man's mind and time. And because it is infinite, it has to possess man's mind and time completely and expel the thought of the otherworld and religion completely. Therefore either this or religion. These two cannot coexist. This modern science also is continuous, systematic, organized, and infinite. And it is the hand-maid of this material progress and is confined to material benefit. Therefore religion cannot coexist with it. Either this or religion. No break could be applied to this modern progress to keep it in balance. Now ban the atomic energy and the industrial set up will freeze for want of energy. since the harmless resources of energy are about to exhaust. Adopt the atomic energy and both this progress and mankind with it will be destroyed. Now therefore either life and safety or this progress. These two cannot coexist.

            You are again warned that no protection against either the atomic bomb or the atomic radiation is possible. Let a scientist contradict my claim with reason or proof. But this mankind now is in a state of intoxication moving toward atomic hell helplessly. Let the scientist now consider the situation and be realistic to save this world and himself.

            This Baconian progress is of a nature antichristic and antireligion. The Gospel of Christ stands in radical opposition to it, while the signs about the contemplation of the works of Allah (Ghaur-fil-Aayaat) to be found in the Quran could not be quoted to justify this modern progress. No, even the signs about the conquest of the universe (Taskhir-il-Kayinat) to be found in the Quran could be quoted to justify this conquest of nature as is undertaken by this Baconian progress. Let the object of Baconian progress and of the Quran be seen in comparison in this context. The Quran was not a book so gross as to teach or allow the practice of materialism. Due to the misunderstanding of the Muslims it is, that the Quran will not be able to save the world from the flames of atomic hell. Baconian object of the contemplation of the works of God, or the conquest of nature is nothing but material exploitation, while in the Quran not so much as a hint about material exploitation in this context could be cited. The Quran's view in this respect is quite sublime, and could be achieved without the research of modern science.

            The spirit of this Baconian philosophy and progress shows every feature of Messih-id-dajjal (Anti-Christ) as was prophecied by the Holy Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him. I say not that it is the same Messih-id-Dajjal as was prophecied by the Holy Prophet. But what I can say is that, this Baconian spirit deserves to be opposed and destroyed due to its features in question before it has destroyed this world's faith and life.

            Know that the Baconian philosophy has failed in its objectives. Atomic Phenomenon now has challenged man's right to dominion over nature. The fiery atomic giant will consume the dwarfish man. Nor the hunger of man has been appeased. Rather like fission chain reaction the demand overlaps the production, and this notion of self sufficiency has proved to be a mirage that would end not in water but in atomic fire. Atomic hell is the logical and scientific end of this process of Baconian progress. Mankind now is like a pilot to bale out before the plane has caught fire and burst into flames. Neither Carter, Nor Berzeneve nor any other President or Prime Minister can now control the situation of this world. Nor will the stock-piles be able to save America or Russia from the atomic conflagration. The Baconian locust-like mankind is tending toward the region of atomic spray to be sprayed to miserable extinction.

            This age of knowledge and science is the age of gross ignorance. Like a Ph.D. who was drowned when the boat capsized, because he did not know how to swim. This mankind will be destroyed by atomic energy, for, none but a very few in this world have an inkling of the subject of atomic science. And ask the atomist and he will tell you that man's knowledge of atomic science today is very meager. Man's knowledge of atomic science will for ever remain meager. Atomic science has reached its blind. It is simply beyond man's ken and control. Mankind's confidence in atomic science, and the scientist's optimism in man's atomic future is a dream whose interpretation is no other than a blazing atomic hell.

            Know that the Quran has a prophecy about the atomic hell, namely, the atomic bombs and atomic radiations. The Quran has scientifically characterized the atomic phenomenon to the wonder of an Einstein, and has characterized this modern Baconian progress to a Bacon's  wonder. The Quran has completely exposed this Baconian progress first time in its history, and has inferred the appearance of atomic hell from the Baconian progress. Mankind may escape the atomic doom, by removing the causes which the Quran has given as responsible for the appearance of atomic hell. And remember, that they will also be cast into the eternal atomic hell (Hotama) of the next world without any doubt. This prophecy of the Quran is Noah's Ark for this fiery deluge of atomism and is by the grace of Almighty Allah my own discovery. And I have a three thousand page interpretation of this 36 word prophecy of the Quran.

            Remember! That not only the atomic hell is the logical and scientific consequence of the process of this Baconian progress but also that greater proportion of this present-day mankind justly deserves the miserable punishment in the flames of atomic hell. But it is a matter of Mercy and sympathy that this mankind will not be allowed to perish in the atomic hell. The spirit of Abraham will rise to extinguish this atomic fire and save this mankind. And know that Democritus-Abraham conflict is there since the beginning of this age of modern atomism. The spirit of Democritus is engaged in enkindling the atomic pyre of mankind. The spirit of Abraham is engaged in extinguishing the fire of atomic hell. Mujaddid Alph Thani (1564-1624) against Francis Bacon (1561-1626) the founder of modern atomism, Shah Walliullah Delhvi (1703-1763) against Spinoza (1632-77) the expounder of material Wahdatul Wajud, and Iqbal was sent to the West in 1905, the year in which Einstein had cleared the course of atomic energy by his Special Relativity. And lastly in 1942, the year in which the Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi had actually opened the gate of atomic fire on this world by his successful realization of Fission Chain Reaction in Chicago, the 25th year of my life, I was recommended by Saint Al-khedhr to Abraham for Abrahamic mission in Mussayyib near Baghdad in a dream. At that time I could read the Quran but without knowing its meanings and I had a negligible schooling.

            Then from 1942 to 1982, I was engaged in intellectual pursuit, rather a gruesome ordeal like a man possessed, day in day out, learning languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences, modern and ancient, and scriptures that is the Quran, and the Bible without a teacher or a school, year after year in circumstances which no Bunyan could have a heart to describe, and achieving that which no Freud could have a method to analyse. Literature in English and other languages ranging over 10 thousand pages I have produced. Of this, three thousand pages comprise the interpretation of the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell in English language, a work regarding which my conceit is that not even Bacon, Darwin and Einstein combined could easily have produced. A work that may be regarded as the key to the future destiny of this now doomed mankind. But every volume is unpublished as yet and I have to be solicitous about it as my duty. May my Allah help me. However, remember that my work is based not on any claim or pretension of myself nor even it is based on the divine authority of the Quran. My work is based on science and logic which has to be the criterion.

            My difficulties are only proportional to my theme which is bitter, unpleasant and against the desires of four thousand million inhabitants of this world in whose way I have to stand to stop them from proceeding to the regions of atomic hell. And it is not easy. With the key of the future destiny of this mankind, and an invaluable treasure of research in my hand I stand helplessly groping in utter darkness while every one around me is engaged in his own material betterment in a mad pursuit, and my theme is difficult. Where in this world to find a judge competent enough to honour me with his review of a work which demands high competency at once in nuclear science, radiobiology, philosophy and the Quran. Yet for the bitterness of my theme I may not be held responsible, for I have said only that which Quran and science has said.

            I have a reason to remind the Muslims of their duty toward the Quran in the publication of this prophecy of the Quran to the world. If they deprive the creation of Allah of this sole guidance to escape the dreadful atomic doom, they not only go down into the flames of atomic hell along with the rest of nations and then to the eternal Hotama (atomic hell) of the next world, but might be they experience the force of this prophecy even before the last tragic event of the appearance of the atomic hell. To keep this prophecy unpublished is just as to muffle up the mouth of a furious volcano. And no gift of the Islamic World to mankind could be more valuable than the interpretation of this prophecy published in the 15th Century Hijra programme. If Moses, or Jesus or Krishna or Budha were today they would have been the first to embrace this prophecy and propagate it in the world. Let the Non-Muslims know that this problem of atomic hell is international and no one nation alone could do anything. Let this world unite to remove the doom collectively.

            The essence of the whole discussions is that this modern progress being continuous, and infinite will ultimately not leave any place in man's mind or any time in man's life for religion, which means a havoc and complete devastation of humanity. It is essential for man to lead a life balanced between spiritual and material. This is the teaching of Islam.



            Let now the throbbing pulse of this age stop, and let the heart of this universe cease to beat. Let now the sun, the moon, and the stars stay in their course and wait. And to the heavens above watch till I have delivered the message of the Quran to this mankind for their deliverance. And let the mankind now hearken to what I have to say, and to what I have said, and ponder on the methods of their redemption from the agonizing doom that now awaits them. Things I have to utter might appear strange, and out of the general, universal and established curriculum of this age, yet things undeniable, things based on argument and knowledge.

            Mark now the strange doings of the hand of destiny. The mysterious hand of the destiny that had wafted the group of the atomists from Europe toward the soil of America during the world war-II by the wind of the Nazi pressure on the Jewish community, so that the result was the appearance of the atomic bomb, and the fire of the atomic hell was enkindled to consume this world, the same hand excited my mind and kept it in constant excitement for decades at a stretch, so that the result is the design of the extinguisher of the fire of the atomic hell, and the neutralizer of the atomic bombs in the world. A strange destiny; and me, alone, among the entire mankind. Yet a very hard gained one, which either I myself or my Allah  knows, how difficult it has been to attain. I may or may not see the extinction of this fire of the atomic hell with my own eyes, however, the river of that blessed water which I have directed it will in due course extinguish it, so that this mankind will be saved from the grievous doom.

            Kings, Sovereigns, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Politicians, Statesmen, Scientists, Philosophers, Scholars, Religious Divines, Industrialists, and Business Magnate, I invite your attention to that historic letter which Einstein wrote to Roosevelt, the president of America on August 2, 1939, in which Einstein drew the attention of the American President towards the possibility as then indicated, by some work of Fermi and Szillard, of utilizing the phenomenon of Uranium Fission for the construction of extremely powerful (weight for weight) bombs of a new type ---- a million times more powerful than conventional bombs. "A single bomb of this type, carried by boat and exploded in a port, might very well destroy the whole port together with some of the surrounding territory", said Einstein. The US Government decided to explore the possibility seriously; it was particularly guided by the thought that Germany was probably already engaged in this field, and if succeeded, the consequences would be catastrophic for the allies. And beginning with the first Government grant of 6000 dollars, the whole project swallowed to about 2000 million dollars by 1945. The result of Eisntein's letter appeared in 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been the testing ground only to judge the accuracy and the efficiency of the atomic phenomenon. The entire world is the actual target and sooner or later flourishing cities on this earth will follow the example. Life on earth since then is only a nuclear forfeit. If, however, this mankind is luckily enough to avoid the atomic war, then the atomic radiations of the atomic-energy-for peace are there as the alternative to take the toll uniquely miserable a manner, inspite of the hopes and the optimism of this mankind, in remedial discoveries and outlets in due course. Einstein's letter was sent in 1939, whose result is now well before the eyes of this world. Now I write this letter to you in the year 1981 that is about 42 years after Einstein's. Pray give your kind attention to it. And read it carefully, that perhaps you may avert the miserable Einstenian doom from this world.


To the elite of this age,

From : Allama Muhammad Yousuf  Gabriel,

Address: Idara Tasnifate Gabriel,  Nawababad, Wah Cantt, Distt Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Majesties,  Excellencies, Honours,  Reverences:-

            Your kind attention is most humbly drawn towards the certainty as is indicated in a prophetic warning of the Quran (about the atomic hell), of designing a very efficacious extinguisher of the atomic fire and the neutralizer of the atomic bombs. A single extinguisher of this kind designed and constructed would extinguish the atomic pyre completely, and naturalize all the existing stock piles and wipe every trace of radiations, radioactive materials, reactors, reprocessing plants out of this earth.

            Yours most truly and sincerely, the servant of humanity,                                                                                                              GABRIEL

            Please mark the analogy as well as the antithesis that exist between the two letters, that is that of Einstenian and the other that of mine. There was, when Einstein wrote his letter to the President in a state of great ambiguity and uncertainty in the success of the project of atomic bomb and the atomic energy, so that no Government on earth could have been induced to invest so much a groat in the research of nuclear science with a view to constructing a bomb a million times more powerful than the conventional bomb. Nay, even if Einstein had promised a bomb 20 million times more powerful, no Roosevelt in the world would have acceded to his request, despite the great treasures of America. The causes of the success of Einstein in this matter deserve keen notice, no doubt, and the same is the state of this my project at present. The same state of ambiguity and uncertainty prevails about this Quranic extinguisher of the fire of atomic hell, in an atmosphere of universal conceit, and a tumultuous medley of false hopes, maddening uproar of an inebriated race helplessly caught in a world-wide economico-industrial net and dragged toward the edge of a blazing atomic hell and emitting deafening din of all the various war cries of the conquerors of nature, the laments of dominion over the universe as their legal destiny. Yet just as the project of Einstein swelled to enormous proportions in time, this my project will pervade this entire earth on which dwell the human-beings that could be hurt by the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations. This cry whose faint accents now could hardly be heard will Insha-Allah in time grow into the trumpet so powerful that its uproar will make the deaf to hear and the blind to see. The causes of my success too deserve keen notice no doubt, while the antithesis that exists between the suggestion of Einstein and that of mine, is quite apparent. Einstein desired to make a bomb million times more powerful, and his desire was gratified by a power-hungry and apprehensive mankind with gratitude. I now seek to extinguish the fire enkindled by Einstein and company. What will be the attitude of a hypnotized and helplessly entangled race toward my exertion is not hard for me to predict.

            This world of today strangely enough is not blind and still is blind. President Trueman was obliged to write in his memories in 1965:-

            "One event occurred in 1945 of such magnitude, that it was to revolutionize our relations with the world and usher in a new era for humanity, the fruits and the goals and problems of which we cannot even now fully grasp. It was the atomic bomb".

            It appears strange, that Trueman should pose a question and should himself give the answer, and should at the same time feign ignorance. The atomic bomb itself is the fruit and the goal and the problem of the era that has been ushered in by the atomic bomb. If this be the state of the mind of the head of the leading nuclear state in the world in the presence of hydrogen bomb itself, then imagine the sate of the mind of the general public of this atomic age regarding the nuclear state of this hypnotized, inebriated, intoxicated, nuclear-blind, misguided and ill-informed world of today.

            The elite of this age may please note that, the leadership which would lead this world into the flames of the blazing atomic hell despite the knowledge is no leadership, and the politics which merely engineer the acceleration of this world's speed towards the complete atomic annihilation of life on earth is no politics, and the science which happens to be mainly the means of wealth-accumulation and physical comforts, as well as of the weapons of complete destruction of mankind is no science, and the knowledge which is reduced to a mere instrument of acquiring the material necessities of life is no knowledge, and the progress which ends in complete ruin of mankind is not progress, and a philosophy which considers only this present life, and only the material side of this life, and pays no regard to the spiritual and the other world is no philosophy. Yet this age is the age of misunderstandings, this is an age that is deluded by illusions inspired by false conceits.

            But now rejoice and be grateful to the Merciful Allah, that the particular warning to lead this mankind out of this atomic trouble and save it from the hails of atomic bombs and the deadly stings of the atomic radiations has been discovered in the Quran, and has been interpreted and explained by me in the following volumes:-


Quran predicts, characterizes and averts the atomic hell. English


Quran quells atomism and redeems this mankind from the hell of atomism.


Life of Bacon in reference to his philosophy of atomism. English.


Abraham extinguishes the atomic fire.  Pages 200.



Now my Allah grant you the sight that sees the realities of the things as they really are, and may He guide you out of the way of the atomic hell (Amen). I have thirty more books ready for publication. That means complete guidance to mankind.

            Let the elite, however, realize, that all the comforts, and facilities and commodities of their luxurious life, cars, bungalows, ranks, titles, and palaces, salaries and remunerations, that may well be attributed to this modern progress and this science, are now the guests that are ready to depart, throwing them in the flames and fumes of the atomic hell as a token of fare-well. Elites! Try not to dislike or resist any movement against this progress, and this atomic energy, and this science in consideration of your particular interests. Now see sense and begin right now to think of the means and methods of riding this world of this Baconian demon, and thus save your own skin before this world is caught in the atomic storm and let the scientists cease now to build atomic bombs for salary and indeed to build atomic bombs in a country, is a kind of patriotism that needs revision of sentiment. You have been told. Consult your safety. Then. The world even if it realizes the truth of my views is so miserably caught in the particular circumstances of the Present time that it will be very hard for this world to benefit by my views. However, imagine the state of a country that has scores storey buildings in the time of the attack of Atomic Bombs. My God save this mankind from such a grievous doom.

                      End                                                          4th April 1981


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(Final list)


The First Eruption of Gabriel's argument against the atomic hell.


Quran predicts, characterizes and averts the atomic hell.


Atomic-energy-for-peace a curse.


Quran versus Atomism, Ancient and Modern.


An Essay on Bacon's life in Reference to his Philosophy.


Unscientific Philosophy of the Scientist and the Qruan.


Democritus enkindles, Abraham Extinguishes the atomic hell.


(Final List)


Quran sounds its nuclear warning about the atomic hell.


A Quranic design of the Neutralizer of the atomic hell and my mission therein.


The case of the atomic energy for peace in the court of Lord Justice Science.


Atomic hell the logical consequence of Baconian philosophy.


Atomic hell, Baconian philosophy, Anti Christ, Quran and Abraham.


Relation between the Qruan and the Bible.


The Quran corrects a philosophy confined to the Present Day Science.


Gabriel's Islamic Bomb.

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