President is being responsible for planning, executing, monitoring, evaluating and coordinating the programs and activities of YJF (OQASA & JWS).”

Shaukat Mehmood Awan

(Shaukat Mehmood Awan)

General Secretary

  1. Will be responsible for keeping all tasks in running process
  2. To Help President in looking after all the Projects.
  3. Preparing Agenda and instructions for all Departments.
  4. Change in Structure or Working Methodology of Departments as well as increasing them.
  5. Preparing Progress Reports for the Activities of YJF.
  6. Monitoring of Accounts affairs as well as approving the expenses.
  7. Approval of memberships and deployment to departments.


(Rizwan Yousaf Awan)

Deputy General Secretary will support General Secretary in all works.

(Waqar Ahmad Awan)

General Secretary will be associated by Secretaries. All Secretaries selected from members of Particular department at national level will be responsible about their concerned fields.

  1. Research & Planning Secretary
  2. Web Media Secretary
  3. Print Media Secretary
  4. Public Relations Secretary
  5. Administration Secretary
  6. Jobs Support Secretary
  7. Blood Support Secretary
  8. Education Support Secretary
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