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The 2009 cars are fresh in dealer showrooms and already talk is raging about several upcoming cars set for release in model year 2009 or later. The styles are great, the engineering is advanced, and you simply haven’t seen anything yet. Let’s take a peak at what is coming down the pike. One of these future cars just may be what you end up driving!

Hyundai Equus – Can you say, V8 Hyundai? That’s right, the Equus which is already sold in Korea, may make its debut here in North America as a 2009 model. Reports have it that the car, which is larger than the Sonata, will be a rear wheel drive four door sedan outfitted with wood, leather, and all the latest electronic gadgetry.

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Saturn Outlook – Things are certainly changing for Saturn, now that GM has killed off the Oldsmobile division. Still trying to find its footing amongst Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, and Cadillac, the division will get its first big crossover vehicle when the 8 passenger Outlook debuts as a 2009 model. Look for V6 power standard with the first Saturn equipped V8 as an option.

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Ford Edge – If a Ford model starts with an “E” it likely is an SUV. The Edge is an SUV and it isn’t an SUV. More of a crossover vehicle, the 2009 Edge will be based on the Ford Fusion which borrows its platform from the Mazda 6. Positioned between the Escape and the Explorer, the Edge is meant to be Ford’s answer to other car based people movers including the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander.

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Volvo C30 – Can you say, subcompact Volvo? Yes, it is true: Volvo will be introducing the C30, a three door hatchback coupe. Some eight inches shorter than the compact S40, the car will run on a small inline four and it may be the first Volvo to have an optional hybrid engine. The C30 is to debut as a 2009 model.

Chevrolet Sport Wagon – GM’s purchase of Daewoo is having some positive side effects in the development of the 2009 Sport Wagon. A joint Daewoo-Chevrolet venture, this five seat model will be a crossover vehicle and share some components with Chevy’s larger Equinox. Planned as a world car, the Sport Wagon is likely to wear Daewoo, Chevrolet, Suzuki, and Opel nameplates.

Are you excited yet? If not, there are hundreds of additional models on the drawing boards and concept cars on display at an auto show near you. Hang on, change is in the air and you haven’t seen anything yet!
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Copyright 2009 — Matt Keegan is a contributing writer for Auto Parts Canada, a wholesaler of OEM parts and accessories for your vehicle.

Written by: Matthew C. Keegan

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