No social justice without climate action

Climate Changes Updates 1-6 July 2015

1.  China climate pledge ‘inadequate’ on efficiency – analysts

2.  EU-China summit ends with climate pledge imminent

3.  Aviation vs climate as UK airport review released

4.  Pakistan and India ‘unprepared’ for heatwaves

5.  UN tells oil giants to stop lobbying against climate deal

6.  Fossil heavy FTSE 100 threatens UK economic stability – report

7.  1,700 cities stress local action key to UN climate deal

8.  India won’t peak emissions in climate pledge – govt

9.  Abbott told to cut Australia emissions 30% by 2025

10.               Regions on four continents vow to cut carbon at ‘summit of stars’

11.               Hillary Clinton emails hint at US climate fears and press obsession

12.               Singapore downplays renewable role in UN climate pledge

13.               China offers Paris boost as UN climate deal pledges trickle in

14.               Northern hemisphere heatwave frequency increasing, says WMO

15.               Why South Australia is eyeing a renewable future

16.               Once Hailed As Solution to Climate Change, Carbon Capture and Storage ‘Is Not Happening’

17.               Facing the waves: Low-lying Maldives adapts to constantly changing environment

18.               Secrecy over fracking chemicals clouds environmental risks, advocates say

19.               UN climate change chief tells charities to stop complaining about global warming

20.               Catholic leaders press GOP to heed pope on climate, poor

21.               Analysis: That time when Lindsey Graham was (almost) all-in on climate change.

22.               European heat waves boosted by climate change, scientists say

23.                       When our climate seems ripe for cooperation

24.               Inequality isn’t just bad for the economy — it’s toxic for the environment

25.               Editorial: Court ruling boosts need for Illinois clean energy bill

26.               David Suzuki: No social justice without climate action

27.               Climate Change versus the Dangers of Nuclear War. “Three Minutes to Midnight”

28.               Joyce says farming policy does tackle climate change

29.               UN climate change chief tells charities to stop complaining about global warming

30.               Climate change concert calls for more investment in green energy

31.               Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change

32.               Climate change a threat to peace and security

33.               Buse: Floods changed my outlook on climate change

34.               NEB’s skirting of climate change issue can’t last forever

35.               ‘Your argument is weak’: Climate scientists offer briefing to sceptical Liberal MPs Dennis Jensen and Chris Back

36.               Heat Waves In Europe Caused By Climate Change Says Scientists

37.               8 Photos Capture the Damage Climate Change is Already Doing to the World

38.               Climate change is a ‘medical emergency’

39.                       Pope Francis, science and government are reframing climate change

40.               Climate change compounding threats to Australia’s ecosystems, studies find

41.               Actress Jane Fonda attends Toronto climate change rally

42.               Private-Island Owners Fret About Climate Change

43.               Peter Turkson: the public face of Pope Francis’s war on global warming

44.               Honeywell Backs US EPA’s Action to Curb Global Warming

45.               Our View: Enough with the global warming predictions

46.               How Does the World Search For ‘Global Warming’? Google Created a Visualization to Show It

47.               Letter – Politics driving force in global warming discussions

48.               Expert to speak about climate change talks


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