The price of ignoring climate change

Climate Changes Updates 1-7 June 2015

1.  Graham urges action on climate change

2.  Santorum: I’m More Qualified Than Pope Francis To Talk About Climate Change Because I’m A Politician

3.  Harper faces tough talk on climate change, security threats at G7 summit

4.  Poll: Eight in 10 Worry About Climate Change

5.  Unexplored South Dakota cave could tell millennia-old tale of climate change

6.  Richard Parker: The price of ignoring climate change

7.  Climate Change Means New Building Designs

  1. Farmers Union publishes reports on climate change effects on agriculture

9.  Touted by uninformed, opportunistic politicians, they undermine effective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

10.             How mankind blew the fight against climate change

11.             Norway Will Divest From Coal in Push Against Climate Change

12.             G7 summit: Greek bailout, Ukraine and climate top agenda for Bavaria meeting

13.              Shell’s Former Chairman Made a Startling Comment About Climate Change

14.             Climate change brings needed rain to Africa

15.             Incontrovertible: There is NO consensus on “climate change”

16.             California keeps talking climate change, but who’s listening?

17.             Unexplored South Dakota cave could tell millennia-old tale of climate change

18.             What’s the impact of climate change on Utah? Study will try to find out

19.             Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ Challenged by NOAA Research

20.             LETTER: Climate change

21.             Climate Change: ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’?

  1. Makerere introduces climate change courses

  1. What will the pope’s climate encyclical, expected 18 June, say?

24.             Christie administration claims climate change study will hurt dolphins, fish

25.             As arguing against climate change action gets harder, the naysayers get louder

26.             Canada at the G7: Are we the climate change skunk in Schloss Elmau?

27.             It is a myth that global warming has slowed down

28.             Report refutes pause cited by skeptics of global warming

29.             Global warming may become world’s ‘Grande cause nationale’

30.             Another global warming catastrophe: the Sahara Desert is getting greener

31.             Climate change: California Senate approves legislation to combat global warming

32.             Senator: Use RICO Laws to Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics

33.             From Historic California Drought to Deadly Indian Heatwave, Global Warming is Wreaking Havoc

  1. Merkel wants G7 to commit to two-degree global warming goal

35.             Why U.S. oil companies clash with EU peers on global warming

36.             Global warming hasn’t paused, new study finds

37.             Is Game of Thrones about CLIMATE CHANGE? TV show highlights ignorance towards global warming, study claims

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38.             Study: Global warming risks changes to ocean life unprecedented in the last 3 million years

39.             Research downplaying impending global warming is overturned

40.             The subtle — but very real — link between global warming and extreme weather events

  1. Scientists conclude that global warming never went on ‘hiatus’

  1. Here’s Why Global Warming Alarmists Don’t Talk About Greenland

43.             We Are The World: Global Warming Ends African Drought Catastrophe

44.             Global warming: When science meets science fiction

45.             Intelligencer edits global warming out of today’s front page AP report

46.             Africa sounds the alarm over crucial climate summit

47.             Why 2015 could be the year that really changes the climate debate

48.                    My Turn: On climate change, bipartisanship is possible

49.             Harper faces tough talk on climate change, security threats at G7 summit

50.             Editorial: Can the state solve climate change?

  1. Norway to ditch $8 billion of coal assets in state pension fund – See more at:

52.             Climate talks resume in Bonn as clock ticks on UN deal

53.             Is natural gas really a bridge to a greener future?

54.             Oil giants support for UN climate pact signals change in strategy

55.             Fossil fuel companies “underestimating” divestment movement

56.             China renewables investment rose 31% in 2014

57.             China cautions French calls for speedy UN climate pact

58.             Japan PM Abe unveils carbon cutting target

59.             To infinity and beyond: Apollo project to boost green energy growth

60.             Japan, Germany, Korea fuelling growth of coal power

61.             China billions drive Pakistan coal power expansion

62.             Judge Paris on participation, not CO2 cuts – Polish minister

63.             Kevin Rudd – forget the UN, G20 must lead on climate change

64.             Private finance central to hitting $100bn climate goal, says study

65.             Santorum tells Pope to quit climate politics, stick to theology

66.             UN weighs up climate threat in new development goals

67.             US, Brazil and China voice doubts over Australia climate plans

68.             Former Shell chair speaks of distress at climate policy inertia

69.             Account for climate risk or lose billions, investors warned

70.             Balcombe plans new solar farm post fracking battle

71.             Bonn climate talks start slow as hefty text avoids chop

72.             Kofi Annan slates climate inaction from Canada, Australia and Russia

73.             Double counting forest emissions threatens UN climate pact

74.             Through the looking glass: transparency in a UN climate deal

75.             New climate change laws are spreading faster than ever

76.             G7 poised for historic call to phase out fossil fuel emissions

77.             China could hit emissions peak by 2025 – study

78.             Global warming ‘slowdown’ did not exist, say scientists

79.             G7 set for critical climate talks as Paris summit looms


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