One magical politician won’t stop climate change.

Climate Changes Updates 14-17 May 2015

1.  Shell accused of strategy risking catastrophic climate change

2. What If Climate Change Is Real?

3.   Readers sound off on SeaWorld, Amtrak and climate change

4.  Climate change & farming: Farmers face growing challenge

5.  China and India call on rich countries to step up climate change efforts

6.  One magical politician won’t stop climate change. It’s up to all of us

7.  New climate change targets, but no regulations for the oilsands

8.  The awful truth about climate change no one wants to admit

9.  Dispelling climate change’s Marxist plot

  1. Link between unseasonal rains, disasters & climate change: Is India playing the ostrich?

11.           March of the Penguins director to close Cannes with climate change film Ice and the Sky

12.           The real story behind Shell’s climate change rhetoric

13.           Droughts, Floods and Heatwaves: Blame It on Climate Change

14.           Fighting Climate Change Will Take Economic Innovation, Too

15.           Bill Nye talks climate change, racial conflict at Rutgers graduation

16.           University Pulls Funding For Think Tank Because It’s Run By A Global Warming Skeptic

17.           How massive wildfires contribute to global warming

18.           USGS study says global warming threatens genetic diversity in Columbia River Basin bull trout

19.           California marijuana could become stronger due to global warming – study

20.               Global warming ruining Scotland’s historic buildings

21.           Lack of Hurricanes Attributed to Luck, Not Global Warming

22.           Column: Science isn’t on the side of those denying global warming

23.           Climate change: New claims ‘murky’ global warming statistics are ‘GUESSED AT’

24.           Will global warming kill off skiing in North America?

25.           Proof Of Global Warming: Scientists Confirms Hotspot On Earth’s Troposphere

26.           The Conservative Case for Taxing Carbon Pollution

27.           Beyond the Headlines

  1. The state of climate change politics is very, very bad

29.           Editorial: Nuclear power has major role in clean energy

  1. Congress’ Attack on Geosciences Is a Dangerous Game

31.               What’s Behind India’s Crackdown on Social Justice & Climate Activists?

32.           How a Cow Can Help the Climate

33.        NASA: 10,000-Year-Old Ice Shelf in Antarctica Will Soon Be Completely Gone

  1. Paris climate deal to boost global economic growth, says Figueres – See more at:

35.           European Commission drops demand to cut fossil fuel subsidies

36.           China coal decline continues as economy flatlines

37.           India’s green record shames the West, says Modi economic chief

38.           Wikiclimate: crowdsourcing’s place in a Paris deal

39.           India, China urge rich nations to cut carbon deeper

40.           Are climate scientists cowed by sceptics?

41.           Canada posts pledge for 2015 UN climate change deal


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