Air conditioning could be the thing fueling future global warming

Climate Changes Updates 20-24 May 2015

1. Catholics organize to promote pope’s climate change message

2. Climate change art by Cambridge student Ian Wolter prompts fierce response from Christopher Monkton 

3. Letter – Climate change denial is a scam

4. Ocean Plankton Kingdom Reveals Secret to Fighting Climate Change

5.  Newcastle event highlights threat of climate change with messages spelled out in ice

6.  Japan Pledges $450 Million To Pacific Island Nations To Battle Climate Change

7. Ice and the Sky review – powerful eco doc fronts up to climate change deniers

8. In Coast Guard commencement address, Obama buoys climate change

9. China readies to fight climate change

  1. Jeb Bush Needs More Evidence for Climate Change Action Than He Does to Start a War

11.             Shell boss endorses warnings about fossil fuels and climate change

  1. ‘Climate change’ worries Obama, pope more than ISIS

13.                    CIA shuts down program using spy satellites to track climate change

14.             Growth at all costs: climate change, fossil fuel subsidies and the Treasury

15.             Climate change could overwhelm California, Obama adviser says

16.             John McCain mocks Obama for calling climate change a threat as Isis advances

17.             Global Warming Continues To Pummel Polar Ice Caps By Not Causing Them To Melt

18.         George Clooney’s Global Warming Shaming


20.             Former UN Lead Author: Global Warming Caused By ‘Natural Variations’ In Climate

21.             Global warming doco involving Victoria University secures US TV deal

22.                    Reader’s View: Don’t count on God to stop global warming

23.             Clues to Prehistoric Global Warming Locked in Subterranian Caves

24.             Ironically, air conditioning could be the thing fueling future global warming

25.             Global warming debate heats up as Jeb Bush clashes with President Obama

  1. Let’s Burn The Global Warming Heretic!

  1. Oops! Updated NASA Data Reveals No Global Warming Polar Ice Retreat – See more at:

28.             As Ramadi Falls, Obama Rallies Troops With Speech On Global Warming

29.             As ISIS Marches, Obama To Cite Global Warming As National Security Threat During Coast Guard Commencement

30.             Pacific islands get cash to fight global warming

31.             Global warming means fewer—but more powerful—hurricanes

  1. Coffee May Not Survive The Century: Global Warming May Wipe Out The Plant Species Or Alter Its Taste

33.             Awkward: CIA Shuts Down Climate Research Program After Obama Frames Climate Change as National Security Threat

34.             Diverse Plankton Kingdom Better Than The Vast Amazon Rainforests In Generating Oxygen

35.             THE SCIENCE OF SEA SPRAY

36.                    CIA shuts down program using spy satellites to track climate change

37.             Suncor CEO Calls For Tougher Action On Climate Change

38.             Newcastle event highlights threat of climate change with messages spelled out in ice

39.             Ocean Plankton Kingdom Reveals Secret to Fighting Climate Change

40.             Growth at all costs: climate change, fossil fuel subsidies and the Treasury

41.             3 ways to improve global climate research

42.             Barack Obama vs. Jeb Bush: The Climate Change Edition

  1. Arizonans say climate change is serious problem, poll finds

44.             Cannes concludes with call-to-arms on climate change: ‘To not tackle the issue through film would be criminal’

45.             Savannahs slow climate change

46.             Former UN Lead Author: Global Warming Caused By ‘Natural Variations’ In Climate

47.             Oil Companies Look to Join Climate Debate

48.                    Tribes, Forest Service partner on climate change research

49.             Climate change in spotlight after comments from new Sask. environment minister

50.             Japan Pledges Climate Change Aid to Pacific Island Nations



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