Are hurricanes and climate change linked?

Climate Changes Updates 29-31 May 2015

1.    ‘It’s Shameful’: Scientists Slam Ted Cruz For Dodging Climate Question After Texas Floods

2.          GOP pledges to “rein in” Obama on climate change

3.    Yes, Religious Conservatives Accept Climate Change — Just Not The Ones You Think

4.    New study reaffirms the link between conservative religious faith and climate change doubt

5.    Pope Francis’ climate change encyclical expected to make global impact

6.    Climate change: Major energy companies write to UN to request help in setting up carbon pricing scheme

7.    Bonn U.N. talks seek to trim unwieldy climate change plan

8.    Muslim World Reacts to Obama’s Latest Climate Change Speech

9.    Super typhoons to increase in strength with climate change

10.                       AP Interview: France warns climate change threatens security

11.                       Are hurricanes and climate change linked?

12.                       Military burden: Obama warns of a new climate change worry

13.                       Media failing on climate-change coverage

  1. Support world leaders regarding climate change — Edward J. Marien—-edward/article_79496204-90b0-56f1-97e3-94a4e6c6488d.html#ixzz3bmlnoyOS

15.                       Obama warns global warming could maybe make hurricanes worse, if we had any 

16.                       What Causes Global Warming?

  1. AP’s Borenstein Notes No Hurricanes for 9 Years; Didn’t Global Warming Alarmists Say There’d Be More? – See more at:
  2. Global Warming, Magnetic North Changing: Did Hopi, Inuit Warn Science, Governments? Read more at


  1. Global Warming, Magnetic North Changing: Did Hopi, Inuit Warn Science, Governments?
  2. German ambassador’s slam at Canada on global warming reeks of hypocrisy

21.                       Al Sharpton Tries To Blame Texas Floods On Global Warming, Gets Trolled On Twitter

22.                       When dealing with global warming, the size of the risk matters

23.                       EPA fighting global warming by reducing food supply 

24.                       Global Warming Update

25.                       Global Warming

26.                       Mystery of the Missing Global Warming Plan

27.                       New study reaffirms the link between conservative religious faith and climate change doubt

28.                       RAMPELL: GOP giving climate change cold shoulder

  1. Common Core nightmare in science: Climate change indoctrination hits 13 states

30.                       As GOP Candidates Question Climate Change, Texas & Oklahoma Hit by Devastating Floods Killing 23

31.                       Climate change takes toll on ocean’s smallest creatures

32.                       Fight climate change — it’s good for your health—-its-good-for-your-health&id=108866

33.                       The 10 Billion Tons of Coal That Could Erase Obama’s Progress on Climate Change

34.                       Military burden: Obama warns of a new climate change worry


  1. NGOs cry ‘greenwash’ over Paris climate talk sponsors – See more at:
  2. Oil giants brush up climate credentials ahead of Paris summit – See more at:

37.                       US can surpass emission goals without Congress – study

  1. Climate talks resume in Bonn as clock ticks on UN deal –
  2. India heat wave kills 1,500 in taste of climate change impacts – See more at:


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