Bought a New car but can’t seem to shift the Old One? Try our 8 point checklist!

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Bought a New car but can’t seem to shift the Old One? Try our 8 point checklist!

It may be that you have been looking for a new car for a while. Maybe you have succumbed to impulse and just ordered that new ferrari. If you have you really thought about how you are going to shift your current car.

Advertising it is the simple answer and there are lots of places to do it but to be honest this is less than half the battle.

In the same way that clutter and mess will put off any potential house buyer , a dirty, clutter filled car will have potential new owners running for the hills.

Do not fear, have a vast knowledge in how to best scrub up your car to make it irresistable to potential buyers. We have identified 8 ways to help get rid
of that car.


1.De Clutter

Get rid of all those CDs, Tapes, Tissue boxes , sweet wrappers from the glove box, door panels and footwells.
Remember you want some else to think of themselves as the owner of this car. It is hard to see past the junk!

2.Clean Thoroughly

Polish all the glass, dush the dashboard and vacuum the mats and upholstery. Take out the mats and give them a good brushing or slap with a broom handle to really shift that
caked on mud. If they are rubber mats give them a blast with a pressure washer!

If the car has a few bumps and scrapes , this is okay if the car is a few years old BUT if it is under 2 years old and a prestige vehicle then do think about having them repaired.

Also if you have any broken lights or mirrors – Fix ’em!

3. Put the Boot in!

Don’t forget to empty out the boot and vacuum it out. Clean any stains with a carpet cleaner. Check the spare tyre is in good condition and has the right air pressure.

Stow any the jack and wheel brace properly, and check that the toolkit has no missing pieces. Replace as necessary.


If you are a smoker, empty out the ashtrays and wash them. If you are a pet owner and Fido loves to sit in the car with you then make sure you remove all the pet hair from the seats. Use an airfreshner.

Clean any spillages with a domestic carpet cleaner.


Ensure everything under the bonnet is tidy and that the engine runs quietly. If you have a squeaky fan belt get it
tightened and make sure the bonnet stay is present and clips in place.

Check Oil, Screen Washer Water and Coolant. Top up as necessary.

DONT STEAM CLEAN THE ENGINE! It creates suspicion!


If your car’s electrics aren’t working properly it can turn off a buyer. Make sure all your lights work properly and
that you replace broken bulbs.


Put all the cars documents together in one place. This includes:

Onwers Handbook
Service Book
V5 Registration Document
MOT certificate if the car is over 3 years old
Any invoices for repair work carried out on the car

This puts any buyer at ease it is shows you cared for the car.

8.Know its true value

Don’t undo all the hard work by accepting the first offer that comes along. Make sure you know your car’s true resale value.

This can be done either online at:

or you can buy their latest blue book which will show you your cars value.

It is also worth looking at similar cars in the classifieds to see what other owners are asking for their’s.

This may also give you an idea of the features others are using to promote their car and give you some ideas.

Good Luck

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Written by: Jason Hulott


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