Choosing the right car

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Choosing the right car

We all dream about the car we’d like, Maybe we see one in the street and think “that’s the one for me” then, being fickle, will see another a little further along the street and say “No, that’s the car I want!”.

Don’t worry, this is quite normal, very few people know exactly what they want.

Here, we give you some considerations on choosing the right car for you so you don’t end up saddled with a car that, frankly, disappoints you! Remember that you are likely to spend a lot of your time sitting in it and the model you choose will say a lot about you to other people.

What will be your new car’s main purpose?
Your lifestyle and what your new car will be used for is the very first thing you need to think about. Basically, your dream car may be TT Roadster (a two-seater) bit if the car is to be used to drop the kids off to school, then it really won’t be suitable!


Consider this ….
• Is the car going to be used for family trips?
• commuting to work in? (then choose a diesel to get the most from your fuel)
• will it be a sporty second car for week-ends?
• Does it need to used for off-roading?
• Will it be needed for business?
• Are you married or single? Do you have children? etc etc

This will then help you build a picture in mind of the car that is realistically right for you

The costs
Another important consideration is running costs:

• What insurance group is the car? The higher the group, the more your insurance premium will be
• If your car is going to do a lot of mileage (over 12,000 miles a year), then think about choosing a car with a diesel engine – these are better on fuel consumption
• More expensive cars will have higher servicing and maintenance bills

Depending on what purpose your car is used for, comfort is a consideration.

For commuting or high mileage vehicles, the car should be of the optimum comfort and, ideally, have air conditioning.

If it is a fun car, say a sporty number for weekends, then be prepared that the ride will be slightly harder (but a lot of fun!)

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By now you should have a good idea of the type of car you want and what it needs to be like to suit your circumstances!

Now, think about how much you can comfortably afford and start doing your research!

The internet is a good place to start looking, you can research prices, specifications and, if you are after a new car, for a bit of fun, you can even visit a manufacturers site and build a car to your own specifications!

Also, scour the motor section of your local newspaper to see what finance deals and offers are on at local dealerships. You could pick up a good deal!

Happy Motoring!

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Written by: Jason Hulott


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