(85)When the Hell-bomb  produced

            The first Soviet atomic that is ordinary fission (like the Hiroshima bomb) explosion took place in August, 1949. It was first announced on September 23, 1949, by President Trueman, that US Government had incontrovertible proof that the Russians had detonated a fission device. The US Government immediately decided to go on in for the thremo-nuclear bomb (the so called H or Super bomb). And on January 31-1950, Trueman directed the atomic energy commission (with David Lilienthal as Chairman), and its general advisory committee (with Robert Openheimer as Chairman), where opinions on the speed and scale of the efforts to go on into the Super had been sharply divided. The conscience of the scientists was perhaps put to severe test.



(86)No one safe from the radiological hazard


 It was during the March 1954 test explosion at BIKINI ATOLL in Pacific ocean that a really grim fact dawned on the atomic powers to their horror, namely that the Atomic bomb was a very treacherous slave. It could also rebound towards its own master who had unleashed it on his foe, and thus bring about the ruin of both, may even other neutral peoples all over the globe. It so happened that a Japanese fishing boat with a crew of 23 was lying at a distance of 90 miles from the testing site. The misfortune of this "Fortunate Dragon" that was the name of this boat, appeared in the form of a powdery fallout of the explosion and began to settle on it to announce to the world that the thermonuclear bomb constituted a serious radiological hazard for every one who lived on earth.




Now this is the full text of the warning (Prophecy) about the atom bomb. Please, read it carefully, and see what you understand by it. Yet, it is much regrettable fact, that the translation, of whatever quality and in howsoever great and grand a language, would never portray the exact picture of the original as a rule. Again due to the necessity of remaining as close to the original in the translation, as the peculiar nature of a scripture demands, the translation would be likened to the meat of a slaughtered body of a living oracle worth millions, when alive.




When we study and produce the brief history of Atomism, that is atom to atomic bomb, partly for the purpose of providing the reader with some idea of the paths which atom has traversed during its long journey in twenty five centuries towards its final destination, rather first stage of the destination, the Hiroshima, and partly to show that at the time when the warning about atom bomb was revealed, by the Quran, (Surah Homazah- 104 ) not a vestige of such a theory as "Atomism" remained anywhere in the world, not to speak of Arabia proper: The inhabitants where of being entirely ignorant then and innocent of any type of Greek Philosophy rather any Philosophy. This fact makes the prophecy



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