How Will We Face Our Lord and Creator

2015-10-22 | 14:38h
2022-05-20 | 08:43h
How Will We Face Our Lord and Creator
Climate Changes Updates 10-18 August 2015

1.  Islamic Leaders Issue Sweeping Climate Change Declaration: ‘How Will We Face Our Lord and Creator?’

2.  Climate change could bring twice as many big El Niños

3.  Study Links Climate Change To Public Health Decline

4.  FEMA Trying to Catch Up to Impacts of Climate Change

5.  Climate change lethal to baby lizards: Nests become heat traps

6.  SciCheck: Reid wrongly links bear hibernation patterns, climate change

7.  Dogs evolved as result of climate change: study

8.  EPA Proposes New Rules to Cut Climate Change-Causing Methane Emissions

9.  Climate Change in America Turned Forests Into Plains, Dogs Into Wolves

10.              Watch as Climate Change Melts Away the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

11.             Muslim Leaders Release First-of-Its-Kind ‘Islamic Declaration on Climate Change’

12.             U-M gets $4M grant to study how climate change, other factors impact estuaries


14.             Mass migration is no ‘crisis’: it’s the new normal as the climate changes

15.             Oilsands water restrictions a climate change ‘preview:’ study


17.             Cost of not acting on climate change $44 trillion: Citi

18.             Wildfires blamed on climate change: More flames, higher costs

19.             Alaska’s local leaders can’t afford partisan deadlock on climate change

20.             Climate change could wipe out the internet’s favorite animal


  1. Why are we not at war on climate change.

23.             U.S. must boost energy research to tackle climate change

24.             Oilsands water restrictions a climate change ‘preview:’ study

25.             Muslim leaders support Islamic declaration on climate change

26.             New Antarctic Research Ups Sea Level Rise Estimates

27.             U of A economic study shows affects of climate change worldwide

28.             Campanile bones hold climate-change clues

29.             Is climate change creating a health hazard?


31.             Climate Change from the Experts

32.             Prop. 39, Wells, Oil, Climate change, Airlines

33.             The breakthrough technologies needed to address climate change


34.                     Global warming erases centuries of ocean cooling

  1. Global Warming erases centuries of ocean cooling.

36.             Environmental groups say go-ahead for Arctic drilling clashes with global warming message

37.             If global warming really did pause, the planet just pressed ‘play’ again

38.             Global warming to drive quadrupling of extreme weather trifecta, study finds

39.             Put your global warming donation back in your wallet

40.             Global warming lethal to baby lizards: Nests become heat traps

41.             Vancouver Aquarium divers to study global warming near Cambridge Bay

42.             Is the global warming ‘pause’ over? Researcher says the planet is ‘on fire’ and warns it could get even hotter 

The secret life of ‘global warming’ on Wikipedia

44.             ‘Godzilla El Niño’ Plus Carbon Pollution Equals Global Warming Speed-Up

45.             Islamic experts’ declaration urges Muslims to fight global warming

46.             Report: EPA’s Global Warming Rule Could KILL Thousands Of People

47.             Turning CO2 emissions into plastic with algae? It may not be as crazy as it sounds

48.             New Antarctic Research Ups Sea Level Rise Estimates

49.             Papal Encyclical On Climate Change Puts Coal Country Catholics In Tough Spot

50.             Can an Islamic climate change declaration inspire 1.6B Muslims?

51.             Commentary: Underestimating the impact of climate change on our effectiveness, economy

  1. Muslims to join in effortson climate change

53.             Solutions: Feeding people, creating jobs with would-be waste in Philadelphia

54.             Global Extinction Rates: Why

55.             U.S. Is Set to Propose Regulation to Cut Methane Emissions

56.             Fox News’ inner struggle with climate misinformation

57.             An expanded nuclear industry in South Australia makes no economic sense

58.                     US climate policymakers can learn from Germany

59.             Saharan Heat Amped Up by Climate Change

60.             Global warming is reversing 1,800 years of natural ocean cooling, study finds

61.             Terrifying math: How Carbon Tracker changed the climate debate

62.             Terrifying math: How Carbon Tracker changed the climate debate

63.             What do young people want from a Paris climate deal?

64.             Climate alarm bells are ringing, says Arctic-bound Obama

65.             Weekly wrap: Don’t judge Paris on 2C climate target, Aus INDC hammered

66.             EU ex-climate chief Hedegaard backs fossil fuel divestment

67.             8-year-old takes US government to court over climate change

68.             IPCC chair election: 5 candidates, 8 weeks to go

69.             Coal giant Glencore set for ‘calamitous’ profit slump

70.             Germany coal protest in pictures

71.             Climate vulnerable Philippines plans huge bet on coal

72.             Norway fund divests from Asian firms over deforestation

73.             IMF: Saudi Arabia should rely less on oil

74.             Climate bill racks up as poor nations log bids

75.             Citigroup: Coal mining sector running out of time

76.             Muslim leaders tell petropowers to lead on climate change

77.             Muslim leaders tell petropowers to lead on climate change

78.             Why a Paris climate deal must cover aviation and shipping

79.             Senegalese imam declares ‘green jihad’ on pollution

80.             Can climate action by business and mayors save the planet?

81.             Australia pledge set to confirm climate laggard status

82.             Anger as Australia unveils ‘weak’ climate pledge

83.             Astronomers trash sunspot theory of global warming

84.             Paris climate deal ‘not a failure’ if it busts 2C goal

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85.             Green with gas: Oil majors eye UN climate deal

86.             Modi economic advisor urges India climate talks rethink

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87.             Modi economic advisor urges India climate talks rethink

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88.             United Church of Canada votes to divest from fossil fuels

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89.             UK government outlines plans to bypass fracking opposition

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90.             What should we make of Australia’s climate target?

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91.             Islamic leaders to release climate change declaration

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92.             APP touts Indonesia peat project as climate exemplar

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