climate change could alter the food on your plate

2015-10-22 | 14:30h
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climate change could alter the food on your plate
Climate Changes Updates 16-24 June 2015

1.     Venezuela: The climate paradox of the petro-state

2.     Funds lacking to help poor tackle climate impacts, says World Bank

3.     Peru climate pledge hinges on forests wager

4.     Why love of landscapes is central to climate challenge

5.     Tea Party supporters score high on climate ideology, low on facts

6.     Britain rallies on climate change in mass lobby

7.     UK political consensus on fracking for gas disintegrates

8.     What does the Pope’s encyclical mean for the climate fight?

9.     AS IT HAPPENED: Pope Francis’ climate call to action in encyclical

10.                        UK government ordered to publish censored fracking report

11.                        Is Russia moving towards a fracking future?

12.                        Obama welcomes Pope’s climate call, Republicans cry foul

13.                        Is avoiding 2C of global warming possible?

14.                        Indian heatwave deaths blamed on global warming

15.                        After the Pope’s plea, what do other faiths think on climate?

16.                        Australia military ‘unprepared’ for climate impacts – experts

17.                        Why should you care about the Sustainable Development Goals?

18.                        Sahel gets surprise rainfall boon from climate change

19.                        UN climate talks and the Paris deal: A bluffer’s guide

20.                        European countries urged to prepare for 1.5m sea level rise

21.                        Sunny outlook for solar overshadowed by coal – Bloomberg

22.                        Gas plants and cars bring ‘carbon lock-in’ risk – study


23.                        Sunspot slump won’t halt warming trend – Met Office

24.                        Climate for change: our action plan to save the future

25. Could China, the World’s Biggest Carbon Emitter, Ever Go Green?

26.                        The EPA’s unrealistic climate report

27.                        A healthier lifestyle will also help fight climate change, says study

28.                        How climate change could alter the food on your plate

29.                        Inaction on climate change would cost billions, major EPA study finds

30.                        Climate change threatens 50 years of progress in global health, study says

31.                        White House: Action Needed Now to Slow Climate Change

32.                        Fracking poses ‘significant’ risk to humans and should be temporarily banned across EU, says new report

33.                        Climate change health risk is a “medical emergency”, experts warn

34.                        When it comes to climate change not all opinions are valid, scientists say

35.                        Report: Climate change ‘one-two punch’ imperils trout

36.                        How to Care About Climate Change When You’re Not the Pope

37.                        Opinion: The GOP needs its own plan for climate change

38. Sustainable soil management key to curbing climate change and ensuring food security – UN agency

39.                        What Is Humanity’s Prize For Dealing With Climate Change?

40.                        Logging the Ghost Part II: Trees tell weather, climate change stories

41.                        In Santiago, Climate Change Fuels Choking Air Pollution

42.                        Obama stresses need to act on climate change, calls out Inhofe’s snowball demonstration

43.                        China’s climate change plan is going to cost $6.6 trillion

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44. Climate Change Threatens Wildflower Diversity in California

45.                        Minnesota Republicans change their tone on climate change

46.                        The 17 Words That Made Pope Francis’ Climate Change Letter Go Viral

47. Climate Change Calls for Science, Not Hope

48.                        Thumbs-up: Bill Nye explains climate change with emoji

49.                        Gov’t’s ‘major shift’ on climate change just low expectations–just-low-expectations-309413901.html

50.                        US Gives Indonesia’s Climate Change Efforts a Boost

51.  Susan Stamper Brown: Common sense regarding climate change

52.                        Can GMOs Help Feed a Planet Stressed by Climate Change and Overpopulation?

53.                        How to Care About Climate Change When You’re Not the Pope

54. Climate Change Could Lead To Smaller Bread, Experts Say

55.                        Officials discuss how climate change affects health

56.                        What climate change will do to your loaf of bread

57.                        Climate Change Is A Global Commons Problem: The New Papal Encyclical

58.                        Whatever Happened to Common Sense Regarding Climate Change?

59.                        Taking the temperature of climate change


61.                        New Zealand Scientists Complain Of Gagging Over Climate Change Issues

62.                        Logging the Ghost Part II: Trees tell weather, climate change stories

63.                        China’s climate change plan is going to cost $6.6 trillion

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64.                        Extreme weather events linked to climate change, study says

65.                        New Research Warns Of Catastrophic Food Shortages Due To Unchecked Climate Change



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