Global Warming Is Socialism by the Back Door

2015-09-22 | 04:56h
2022-05-30 | 11:30h
Global Warming Is Socialism by the Back Door
Climate Changes Updates April 28-29, 2014

1. Climate change, El Niño, cold winters, and California’s drought

2. Feds ‘aware’ of climate change risks, but IPCC authors say politics delaying action–say-politics-delaying-action/38324

3. Paid parking, global warming: It’s time to pool in Canberra

4. Mayor Cownie hosting forum on climate change and businesses

  1. Ella Schwierske: Baldwin’s right, Johnson’s wrong on climate change

6.   Climate change and health: drinking water in decline

  1. Documentary Exposes Climate Change in Tunisia

8. Hollywood Fails on Climate Change With ‘Rio 2’

9. Climate change to intensify important African weather systems, Stanford scientists say

10.           Weather, climate change and China’s food security

11.           George Will: “Global Warming Is Socialism by the Back Door”

12.           Will Global Warming Produce More Tornadoes?

13.           Pause in Global Warming Comes Served With Unwelcome Side Dishes

  1. Global Warming Issue Spawns FTSE Indexes

15.           Global Warming Theory Based on Evidence, Not Belief

16.           Highlights: Putting the Freeze on Global Warming

17.           Here’s What Happens When You Ask Americans if Global Warming is Real

18.           TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people names U of T alumna, climate change expert

19.           Angola: Vice President Recommends Sustainable Development of Tourism

20.           Heads of state and governments confirm attendance at V Summit

21.           Kazakhstan’s innovative economy – factor of sustainable development under globalization

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