How will global warming affect the spread of disease?

2015-09-17 | 08:13h
2015-09-17 | 08:13h
How will global warming affect the spread of disease?
Climate Changes Updates 7-12 August 2013

1)   US Climate Change Study Explores Weather Modification

2)   How will global warming affect the spread of disease?

3)   More cowbell—or less? Climate strategies point opposite ways|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=100943924|More%20cowbell-or%20less?%20Cli

4)   Why the World Bank Is Taking On Climate Change

5)   Scientists Say Nature ‘Is Better at Carbon Farming’

6)   North Asia Sweats Heat Wave

7)   Japan Steps Up Warning System For ‘Extreme’ Natural Threats

8)   In his second term, Obama becomes bolder on the environment

9)   Finale of nationwide climate change tour hits Wgt

10)                     Carbon cycle gets more extreme as climate changes,0,524320.story

11)                     Why an Ice Age Occurs Every 100,000 Years: Climate and Feedback Effects Explained

12)                     Climate Change Threatens U.S. Estuaries

13)                     Planning by Postcode: How Prepared Are Cities for Climate Change?

14)                     Melting Water’s Lubricating Effect On Glaciers Has Only ‘Minor’ Role in Future Sea-Level Rise

15)                     Climate Benefit for Cutting Soot, Methane Smaller Than Previous Estimates

16)                     Soil Biodiversity Will Be Crucial to Future Land Management and Response to Climate Change

17)                     China vows to make environment a ‘pillar industry’


18)                     Major parties aren’t addressing warming risks, Climate Institute says

19)                     Records melt in another hot year for the climate

20)                     US-China carbon pact may shift global action

21)                     Climate change ‘firmly established’ as a material risk for investors–firmly-established–as-a-material-risk-for-investors/AMP

22)                     Urban green roofs could ease flooding woes

23)                     Future water availability will alter electricity prices in Europe

24)                     Insight: surface greenness changes leave footprints on regional warming

25)                     Age isn’t just a number: New research shows song sparrows are affected by climate change differently depending on age

26)                     Greenland Ice Sheet is melting from the top and bottom

27)                     Sea levels reached record highs in 2012, study shows

28)                     Australian Senate panel warns over climate change

29)                     Is methane really a $60 trillion climate crisis?

30)                     Global warming, Arctic ice loss, and armchair scientists

31)                     Fox News found to be a major driving force behind global warming denial

32)                     2012 among 10 warmest years on record: report

  • Bob Watson: IPCC must address slowdown in global warming

  • Australia can achieve 25% emissions cut by 2020, concludes report

  • Himalaya glacial melt set to peak by 2070

  • Tony Abbott accused of ‘wilful blindness’ on climate in first debate –

  • Soot and methane cuts will not control climate change – report –

38)                     This Polar Bear Starved to Death Because of Climate Change

39)                     Global climate report reveals 2012 to be record-breaking year

40)                     Australian wine industry tackling climate change

41)                     Past year sets new climate change records

42)                     Human emissions responsible for most global warming

43)                     Links between climate and war widely disputed

44)                     Fracking could accelerate global warming

45)                     Building Capacity for Truly Equitable Development

46)                     Lowering the Carbon Footprint of Air Conditioning

47)                     News




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