The Forest That Fights Climate Change

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The Forest That Fights Climate Change

Climate Changes Updates 1-3 December  2014

1.    Pivoting the Climate Debate from Oil to Coal

2.    Numbers show how pollution has changed Earth

3.    Fossil fuel investors risk being stranded by tougher climate rules

  1. Keystone Antagonist Steps Down as Head of Climate Group

5.         Little backing in Congress for Obama climate moves

6.    India sticks to its gun during climate talks

7.    U.S. Will Stick With Pledge to Cut Emissions up to 28 Percent at UN Talks, Stern Says


9.    Poll: 83% of Americans say climate is changing

10.                      Hillary Clinton: Climate changing ‘no matter what deniers may say’

11.                      Great Lakes ice breaking all the rules

  1. Proposed environmental rules could help cities reduce car use

13.                                               There’s now a Canadian consensus: It’s time for action on climate change

14.                      Conservative lobby group Alec plans anti-environmental onslaught

15.                                               Will Rollout of Green Technologies Get a Boost at Lima Climate Summit?

16.                      The Next Big Climate Question: Will India Follow China?

  1. Research into climate engineering must proceed — even if it turns out to be unnecessary.

18.                      Exposure to Extreme Weather Is Unlikely To Affect the Views of a Climate Denier

19.                      22-year-old’s personal crusade on climate change

20.                                               Wynne drops main climate change requirement in considering Energy East pipeline

21.                      Oil’s fading clout will aid climate change fight in Lima: Don Pittis

22.                      FACT SHEET: 16 U.S. Communities Recognized as Climate Action Champions for Leadership on Climate Change

23.                      Are We Missing the Big Picture on Climate Change?

24.                      Most Americans Believe in Climate Change, Survey Says

25.                      Eating less meat essential to curb climate change, says report

26.                      Australia’s environment minister doesn’t get a guernsey at Lima climate change conference

27.                                               There’s now a Canadian consensus: It’s time for action on climate change

28.                                               Hotter, weirder: How climate change has changed Earth

29.                      Sonoma County climate change initiatives honored by White House

30.                      Britain on course for warmest year ever…and climate change is to blame, says Met Office…and-climate-change-is-to-blame-says-Met-Office.html

31.                      NOAA Makes Big Move To Protect Ringed Seals From Climate Change And Melting Ice

32.                      The Forest That Fights Climate Change

33.                      Climate change drove mastodons to the brink, humans pushed them over

34.                      Auckland must prepare for climate change – scientist

35.                      Climate change’s first victims are always those least to blame

  1. These Tropical Glaciers Could Disappear Before Anything Can Be Done To Save Them
  2. Shale Gas increasing Threat to Climate, Environment, Communities Worldwide – See more at:

38.                      Supercomputing Project Floats Higher-Res Climate Model

39.                      Political position is key to shaping view on climate change

40.                      Why This Year’s Climate Talks Are A Huge Deal

41.                      New research highlights the key role of ozone in climate change

42.                      Meteorology meets metrology

43.                      Climate Change Causes Massive Devastation In Mock 2050 Weather Reports From UN Show

44.                      Small volcanoes make a dent in global warming

45.                      Barbra Streisand Has a Twitter Beef With Jim Inhofe Over Global Warming

46.                      Land use looms as large factor in global warming

47.                      How the World Can Fight Global Warming No Matter What Happens in Lima

  1. Global Warming, Mass Extinction, and Bigfoot

49.                      Letter: Claims about global warming grow more suspect

50.                                               After years of finger pointing, world leaders finally ready to tackle global warming

51.                      Clemson scientists: Kudzu can release soil carbon, accelerate global warming

52.                      New study explains the role of oceans in global ‘warming hiatus’

53.                                               If Erica Grow Didn’t Rip Up our Global Warming Flier, Maybe She’d Understand the Science Better

54.                      Letter: Unite to fight global warming

55.                      Israel Climate Change: What’s Jewish Nation’s Stance and Policies on Global Warming?

56.                      What Do Health Care And Global Warming Have In Common?

  1. Widows of murdered Peruvian forest defenders demand justice – See more at:
  2. UN carbon market fights for its future at Lima talks – See more at:
  3. Lima climate talks: One in three countries not sending ministers – See more at:
  4. Civil society returns to UN climate talks, but for how long? – See more at:
  5. Yeb Sano absence casts shadow over Lima climate talks – See more at:
  6. UN plans for 2015 climate deal favour rich, say developing countries – See more at:
  7. Lima climate talks “a matter of survival” for world’s poorest – See more at:
  8. LIVE IN LIMA – DAY 2: UN COP20 climate change summit – See more at:
  9. Oil price crash proves renewables are future – UN climate chief – See more at:
  10. China: climate laggards must join in pre-2020 efforts – See more at:
  11. Pacific Islands lead largest ever climate fast

  1. LIVE IN LIMA – DAY 1: UN COP20 climate change summit – See more at:
  2. WMO: 2014 set to be hottest year ever

  1. LIVE IN LIMA – DAY 3: UN COP20 climate change summit – See more at:
  2. India considers emissions peak 2035-50

  1. Record temperatures raise pressure on UN climate talks – See more at:


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