Climate Change will Cause Irreversible Impacts If Action is Not Taken

2015-09-30 | 09:34h
2022-05-24 | 09:44h
Climate Change will Cause Irreversible Impacts If Action is Not Taken
Climate Changes Updates 1-4  January  2015

1.  Playing Dumb on Climate Change

2.  Backyard rinks: Gretzky makers and climate change indicators

3.  The pro-science pontiff: Pope Francis on climate change, evolution and the Big Bang

4.  New Year, Old Challenges… For Climate Change

5.      Climate Change will Cause Irreversible Impacts If Action is Not Taken: IPCC Report

6.      Women to suffer under Abbott government’s climate change neglect

7.  Back Off Baby Boomers: The Millennials Own the Fight Against Climate Change

8.  Studying climate change in Last Frontier

9.      South Australia, Victoria bushfires a reminder for Government to address climate change: Milne

10.                    Climate change raises risks of power outages

11.                    Heat is on Abbott government over climate change as world turns


12.                    Coastal cities will be hit hard by climate change: expert

13.                    Climate Change Crusaders Kids Will Love

14.                    Editorial: The politics of climate change

15.                    David Attenborough: Leaders are in denial about climate change

16.                    Wilkes coordinator to lead research group studying climate in Alaska

17.                    Back in the headlines: Climate coverage returns to its 2009 peak

18.                    Global warming to threaten international tillage prospects

19.                    Peter Ray: Bottom line is that global warming will continue

20.                    Cheap oil hides global-warming fee, for now

21.                    Semitic religions are the root cause of global warming: RSS leader Suresh Soni

22.                    Frosty reception for letter writers who reject global warming

23.                    Beaton: Fear, loathing and global warming

24.            Tree plantation in EP to check global warming

  1. Pope’s Mistaken Moral Calculus on Global Warming

26.                    Opinion/Letter: Global warming is not a bad thing

27.                    Heavyweight Response to Local Fracking Bans

28.                    Aviation Industry Set to Triple Its Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050

29.                    GOP prepares Keystone blitz

30.                    A Young Generation Sees Greener Pastures In Agriculture

31.                    Island of despair held hostage by climate change

  1. Global carbon emissions to rise 2.5% in 2015 – PwC – See more at:

33.                    The Guardian view on Paris 2015: the world’s last best chance to reach an agreement on cutting carbon emissions

34.                    Climate groups oppose changes to W.Va. science standards

35.                    McVety: Congress out of excuses for climate change

36.                    Why we need to listen to the real experts in science



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