Climate Change 10,000 Times Faster Than Evolution

2015-09-17 | 07:49h
2015-09-17 | 07:49h
Climate Change 10,000 Times Faster Than Evolution
Climate Changes Updates 17-21 July 2013
1)  With Biomimicry: A Regenerative Economy Free From Environmental Debt
2)  Examining How Nature Would Do “Green Chemistry”
3)  Rising seas to flood coastal towns in near future
4)  Using the free market to fight climate change looks like a winner!
5)  Week in review: Global clean energy investments on the rise
6)  Obama finds unlikely ally in climate change battle: China
7)  Climate Disruption and Sea Level Rise
8)  Perspective: Ethanol cure worse than the disease?
9)  Opinion: Yarnell's firefighters are victims of climate change, US negligence
10)                    UN carbon prices rally on shortage of new projects
11)                    Democrats looking to build support for new climate change action,0,4590908.story
12)                    It's Not Just the Heat, It's the Ozone: Hidden Heat Wave Dangers Exposed
13)                    Scientists Discover New Variability in Iron Supply to the Oceans With Climate Implications
14)                    Ancient Ice Melt Unearthed in Antarctic Mud: 20 Meter Sea Level Rise, Five Million Years Ago
15)                    Climate Change Could Deprive Volta Basin of Water Needed to Boost Energy and Food Production
16)                    Stop Marine Pollution to Protect Kelp Forests
17)                    Week in review: Global clean energy investments on the rise
18)                    UN carbon prices rally on shortage of new projects
19)                    Obama secures new EPA chief to step up climate battle
20)                    Steady leak in the Earth's plasmasphere found
21)                    World Population Growing Fast & Unevenly
22)                    Volta River and Climate Change
23)                    Renewable Energy Sources On the Rise
24)                    The Economist Screws Up on the Draft IPCC AR5 Report and Climate Sensitivity
25)                    Debunking New Myths about the 97% Expert Consensus on Human-Caused Global Warming
26)                    Evangelicals tackle US Congress on climate change
  • US renewable energy use soared in 2012 – report
  • EU and China launch joint scheme to tackle pollution –
29)                    Keystone XL May Actually Raise American Gas Prices
30)                    Climate Change 10,000 Times Faster Than Evolution
31)                    Even ‘environmentally protective’ levels of pesticide devastate insect biodiversity
32)                    Coal in court: Whitehaven, climate change and civil disobedience
33)                    Reef fish threatened by climate change waters

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