World facing “climate bomb” of super-greenhouse gases

2015-09-16 | 18:33h
2015-09-16 | 18:33h
World facing “climate bomb” of super-greenhouse gases
Climate Changes Updates 24-25 June 2013

1)   Obama lays out climate action plan

2)   Climate change threatens New England birds

3)   Obama’s Climate Change Speech in Just Three Words: Less Coal, Finally

4)   World Sees Climate Change, Financial Issues as Top Threats

5)   India, US agree to set up a new working group on climate change

6)   Congress Not Likely To Pass Sweeping Climate Legislation

7)   Migrating Animals Add New Depth to How the Ocean ‘Breathes’

8)   Vegetation On Earth: Stunning Satellite Imagery Depicting Vegetation Around the World

9)   Surprise Species at Risk from Climate Change

10)                    Fact box on Obama’s climate action plan

11)                    EU deal on cars could halve CO2 emissions by 2025


12)                    Unilever calls on its brands to become ‘green leaders’ for social change–green-leaders–for-social-change-/AMP

13)                    Nissan carbon emissions up by 5.5%–/AMP

14)                    Solar power still better than nuclear in the fight against climate change

15)                    Report: World facing “climate bomb” of super-greenhouse gases

16)                    Does Barack Obama really care about climate change?

17)                    Did climate change cause the Alberta flooding?

18)                    President Obama acts on climate change by enforcing the law

  • Least Developed Countries climate adaptation fund gets $200m boost –

  • Insurance firms press governments on climate adaptation –

  • Arnie: Environmentalists should learn from my eco Hummers –

22)                    Obama promises to ‘cut carbon pollution’ in new Climate Action Plan

  • Why poorest nations can take control of our climate destiny –

24)                    A Looming Climate Shift: Will Ocean Heat Come Back to Haunt us?

25)                    America’s Top 10 Climate Change Polluters

26)                    Looking back from 2030: how the climate war was won

27)                    Coal burning lifts global CO2 to record high

28)                    News



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