Chemicals Pollutants Threaten Health in the Arctic

2015-09-11 | 12:38h
2015-09-11 | 12:38h
Chemicals Pollutants Threaten Health in the Arctic
Climate Changes Updates 15-17 March

1)   Chemicals Pollutants Threaten Health in the Arctic

2)   Expect drought severity, frequency to rise: UN

3)   New Zealand drought to drag on growth

4)   Obama unveils $US2 billion clean energy fund

5)   Ports alerted to climate change shocks ahead

6)   Obama’s climate readiness plans ‘freak out’ US firms

7)   Grey skies are gonna clear up

8)   Salt Marshes are great Carbon Sinks

9)   Warm February

10)                     Many of Europe’s rainfall trends will not be clear until late this century

11)                    February 2013 Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral Update

12)                    Death in Jurassic Park: global warming and ocean anoxia

13)                     Obama to establish $2bn clean energy fund

14)                     Japan’s energy breakthrough could mean climate breakdown

15)                     Plankton twice as carbon hungry as thought

16)                     UNCCD: Vulnerable nations must defend against drought

17)                     UNDP: Climate change could put 3 billion back into poverty

18)                     Green Climate Fund ready to receive funds by end of year

19)                     Warmest Temperatures In 4,000 Years? Not So Fast, Global Warming Alarmists

20)                    The Great Green Con no. 1: The hard proof that finally shows global warming forecasts that are costing you billions were WRONG all along

Green energy more important for climate than Keystone: White House–finance.html;_ylt=Aj.3Lre_FnivOFaPLDFgDOO1qHQA;_ylu=X3oDMTQwNWo4YWV2BG1pdANUb3BpY3MgQ29sbGVjdGlvbiBMaXN0BHBrZwM2YjcwYjNlMS02ODBmLTNiYmYtODgxZC02Njg3NTk3ZmU3NmMEcG9zAzUEc2VjA3RvcF9zdG9yeQR2ZXIDN2QyYjA4NTEtOGQ5Mi0xMWUyLWE3OWQtMjlmZmI4NGJkYjJl;_ylg=X3oDMTFzcGdiYWZhBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdANUZXN0X0FGQw–;_ylv=3

22)                    UN bodies want to tackle drought to avert food crisis;_ylt=At.4zXOjOyRpzTp6.7YBCk61qHQA;_ylu=X3oDMTQwZGxoc2d0BG1pdANUb3BpY3MgQ29sbGVjdGlvbiBMaXN0BHBrZwNiNmFkMDg5YS1kYjQzLTM3NmYtOTY0Ny0wOGNlNWQ3ZTQ5MTgEcG9zAzYEc2VjA3RvcF9zdG9yeQR2ZXIDNTQ5MmIxMTAtOGQ4Ni0xMWUyLWFiN2ItNWNlMjcyYzRkNWY0;_ylg=X3oDMTFzcGdiYWZhBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdANUZXN0X0FGQw–;_ylv=3

23)                    Higher mortality in coal mining counties

24)                    Arctic Storm Shatters Thin Sea Ice

25)                    Record Drought Hits New Zealand’s North Island

26)                    Global warming effect on Antarctica, ice cover disappears from King George Island

  • Time for more action for climate change

28)                    Maine grapples with climate change priorities

29)                    Climate emerges as hot issue in Columbia River Treaty talks with Canada

30)                    Environmental lobbyists ‘not to be ignored’ says Defra’s Benyon–not-to-be-ignored–says-Defra-Benyon/

31)                     World urgently needs thriving biofuels industry, says Porritt

Climate Changes Updates 18 March

1.   Water-related disasters inhibiting global sustainability

2.   Shift to low-carbon fleet will boost Europe’s economy

3.   Extreme weather is disrupting 49% of UK businesses

4.   Major changes for greenhouse gas standards?

5.   Nature adapts to survive climate change

6.   No, Global Warming Has NOT Stopped

7.   Pigs and pollution: China can’t keep ignoring the environment

8.   Are You Ready For Earth Hour 2013?

9.   Marine Vet Protests Keystone XL Pipeline by Hanging US Flag Upside Down

10.                     Study: Climate change to worsen hurricane storm surge

11.                     Warming temperatures could multiply Katrina-like hurricanes -study

12.                     Global Carbon and Graphite Industry;_ylt=Agkg4_rNsuiusrAKpYBWprq1qHQA;_ylu=X3oDMTQwMWo1bnRvBG1pdANUb3BpY3MgQ29sbGVjdGlvbiBMaXN0BHBrZwM3NmE0YTFkMy0zZmNiLTM0YzItOTViNy1iOGQzN2ZlNWIxOTIEcG9zAzUEc2VjA3RvcF9zdG9yeQR2ZXIDNzhjMmI0ZTAtOGZmMi0xMWUyLWI2ZWUtZDIyNmVjNTIxYTIw;_ylg=X3oDMTFzcGdiYWZhBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdANUZXN0X0FGQw–;_ylv=3

13.                     Russia new 2020 target could see emissions rise by 30%

14.                     Climate debate cut from England & Wales curriculum for children up to 14

15.                     Report: Dash for gas with caution or risk UK climate goals

16.                    New Study, Same Result – Greenhouse Gases Dominate Global Warming

17.                     Teachers should be given free rein to teach climate change in schools

18.                     Microbes thrive at ocean’s deepest spot

19.                     Significant Contribution of Greenland’s Peripheral Glaciers to Sea-Level Rise

20.                    Earth’s Interior Cycles Contribute to Long-Term Sea-Level and Climate Change, Researchers Find

21.                     Computer Models Show How Deep Carbon Could Return to Earth’s Surface

22.                    Ten Times More Hurricane Surges in Future, New Research Predicts

23.                    Petroleum Use, Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Automobiles Could Drop 80 Percent by 2050: U.S. Report



Climate Changes Updates 19-20 March

1.   Sustainable Development Goals Must Sustain People and Planet, Experts Say

2.   Can Intraplate Earthquakes Produce Stronger Shaking Than at Plate Boundaries?

3.   Properly Planned Roads Could Help Rather Than Harm the Environment, Say Experts

4.   Scientists Discover ‘Lubricant’ for Earth’s Tectonic Plates: Hidden Magma Layer Could Play Role in Earthquakes

5.   Renewable energy a focus for China’s new leaders

6.   Climate-driven disasters cost Victorians $4 billion

7.   Plankton and CO2

8.   Shams 1: World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Plant Goes Live

9.   Global Warming May favor Goats

10.                     Geography taught me climate change is unjust – and inspired me to fight

11.                     Insight: how will biofuels change land use?

12.                     David Rose Hides the Rise in Global Warming

13.                     China postpones launch of national carbon market to post-2015

14.                     USA can slash transport emissions 80% by 2050

15.                     South Africa calls on world leaders to engage in UN climate talks

16.                     Green Climate Fund faces more delays after inconclusive meeting

17.                     Warmer wasps could mean fewer figs

18.                     Forests hold key to feeding Earth’s growing population

19.                     UK govt faces backlash at plans to cut climate education

20.                     CORRECTED-Warming temperatures could multiply Katrina-like hurricanes -study

21.                     Utah’s Air Pollution: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

22.                     Microbes Thrive in Deepest Spot on Earth

23.                     Earthquakes Turn Water Into Gold

  1. Utah’s Stewart skeptical about climate change threat

25.                     At inaugural Mass, Pope Francis calls for defending environment, poor

26.                     OpEd: Risk is a better focus for seeking action on climate change

27.                     German scientists quit oilsands research over heated public climate concerns



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