Do we have the courage to tell our children the truth about climate change?

2015-09-30 | 08:57h
2022-05-27 | 18:22h
Do we have the courage to tell our children the truth about climate change?
Climate Changes Updates 5 November  2014

1.    Drought and flood fears after warm 2014

2.    Ocean acidification tops the annual list of important stories ignored by the mainstream media

3.    Queen admits ‘One has climate change concerns’

4.    McConnell vows to chart new Senate path under GOP control

5.    When Is It OK For Scientists To Become Political?

6.        Midterm gains by Republicans endanger environmental progress

7.    Why two crucial pages were left out of the latest U.N. climate report

8.   The cost of China’s dependence on coal – 670,000 deaths a year

9.   Opinion: Do we have the courage to tell our children the truth about climate change?

10.                       White House: GOP Senate won’t stop Obama on climate

  1. John Kerry stresses need for US-China climate cooperation –
  2. Why can’t academics agree whether climate change causes wars? –
  3. Climate sceptics take hold of Capitol Hill

  1. UN climate talks: one month, three knotty problems –
  2. Look to the cloud for climate inspiration, says WRI chief –

16.                      Climate change supporters suffer losses

17.                       Election Results Make U.S. Congress Action on Climate Change Even Less Likely

18.                      Climate Change Activists Come Up Short In Midterm Elections

19.                      Amplifying women’s voices in climate change solutions focus of UN conference

20.                       Tasmanian devils’ decline ‘driven by climate change’, new research shows

21.                       CLIMATE CHANGE? AN ISSUE FOR LOSERS

22.                       Why Is UN Report So Certain Humans Caused Climate Change?

23.                       A Big Win for Climate Change Denial: Republicans to TargetEPA Regulations After Taking Senate

24.                       Climate change play 2071 aims to make data dramatic

25.                       Minn. communities look for ways to adapt to climate change

26.                      Business Can Play a Profitable Role in Combating Climate Change, with Andrew Winston

27.                       Fredericton students pitch climate change warning labels for gas pumps

28.                      Climate change talks: MEPs chart the course from Lima to Paris

29.                      Journalist warns of ski industry collapse due to climate change

30.                       Trócaire says climate change already hurting world’s poorest

31.                       4 Ways the New Top Environment Senator Disagrees With Science

32.                       Global warming could make your pollen allergies a lot worse

33.                       The Adaptive Response of Salmon to Global Warming

34.                       The CO2 Is Rising: Play Explores the Scientific Life, Key Global Warming Research




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