Bananas could replace potatoes in warming world

2015-09-09 | 08:30h
2015-09-09 | 08:30h
Bananas could replace potatoes in warming world
Climate Changes Updates 21-31 October 2012

1. ALERT! Stop CNN – the Coal News Network – Fossil Fuel Greenwash, Abetting Climate Silence

  1. Global action on climate change: How the world is responding to the challenge.

  1. Statement by Christiana Figueres at Pre-COP 18 Ministerial meeting on climate change

4. State of the Climate
Global Analysis
September 2012 by National Climatic Data Center 5. NOAA’s 1981–2010 U.S. Climate Normals: An Overview

6. Bananas could replace potatoes in warming world

7. West Burton climbers’ pledge over protest end

8. Hitachi’s nuclear deal still faces hurdles

9. Mecca seeks ‘green Hajj’

10. £1bn Pembroke Power Station faces EU permits probe

11. Climate change mitigation and adaptation equally critical to securing food security, warn researchers

12. UN climate talks will fail without acknowledgment of rich/poor divide, says Indian diplomat

13. Hydropower could double by 2050, say IEA and Brazilian government

14. Conservation or carbon sinks: Can the UN see the forest for the trees?

15. Michael Mann: attacks on climate science could weaken next IPCC report

16. EU divide on surplus carbon credits endangers second Kyoto commitment period

17. UN climate talks in Doha should give REDD+ the green light

18. Mayor of Seoul aims to ‘cancel out’ a nuclear power plant with climate action

19. Why climate change was not ignored in the US Presidential debate

20. Hawaii’s Green Blue economy tackles climate change challenges head-on

21. Fight club: Who wins when climate change takes on biodiversity?

22. Agriculture and Food Production Contribute Up to 29 Percent of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

23. Sizing Up Biomass from Space

24. Action Needed to Prevent More Devastating Tree Diseases Entering the UK, Experts Urge

25. Project to Integrates Vegetation in Building Facades

26. The Hunt for Electron Holes: A Molecular Glance On Solar Water Splitting

27. NASA Examines Hurricane Sandy as It Affects the Eastern U.S.

28. Mass Extinction Study Provides Lessons for Modern World

29. NASA’s TRMM Satellite Analyzes Hurricane Sandy in 3-D

30. US Shale Gas Drives Up Coal Exports

31. River Floods Predicted Using New Technology

32. Uncertainty of Future South Pacific Island Rainfall Explained

33. NASA Radar Penetrates Thick, Thin of Gulf Oil Spill

34. Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change Must Target Energy Efficiency, Experts Say

35. Warmer Future Oceans Could Cause Phytoplankton to Thrive Near Poles, Shrink in Tropics

36. Malaria Transmission Peaks at Much Cooler Temperatures Than Previously Predicted

37. Triclosan — Harmful to Ecological Status of Rivers — Needs to Be Monitored, Researchers Say

38. Climate Change May Alter Amphibian Evolution

39. Far from Random, Evolution Follows a Predictable Genetic Pattern

40. Did the Changing Climate Shrink Europe’s Ancient Hippos?

41. New Evidence from the Baltic Sea: Seafloor Biodiversity Affects Sediment Nutrient Cycling

42. Reclaiming Rare Earths: Improving Process to Recycle Rare-Earth Materials

43. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot: Climate Shapes Distribution and Movement of Humans as It Does Other Animals

44. Satellite Images Tell Tales of Changing Biodiversity

45. Let It Snow! Solar Panels Can Take It

46. 2012 Antarctic Ozone Hole Second Smallest in 20 Years

47. Americans Use More Efficient and Renewable Energy Technologies

48. Large-Scale Production of Biofuels Made from Algae Poses Sustainability Concerns

49. Bacterial Wires Explain Enigmatic Electric Currents in the Seabed

50. Speed Limits On Cargo Ships Could Reduce Their Pollutants by More Than Half

51. Did Bacteria Spark Evolution of Multicellular Life?

52. Earth’s Magnetosphere Behaves Like a Sieve

53. Flame Retardant ‘Firemaster 550’ Is an Endocrine Disruptor, Study Finds

54. Fossil Study Helps Pinpoint Extinction Risks for Ocean Animals: When It Comes to Ocean Extinctions, Range Size Matters Most

55. Opposite Behaviors? Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks, Antarctic Grows

56. Helping North America’s Marine Protected Areas Adapt to a Changing Climate

57. Genetic Patterns of Deep-Sea Coral Provide Insights Into Evolution of Marine Life

58. Oxygen’s Ups and Downs in Early Atmosphere and Ocean

59. NASA Sees Active Region On the Sun Emit Another Flare

60. Improving Lipid Analysis: With New Mass Spectrometer, Researchers Can Grow Knowledge of Plants and Environmental Stress

61. Biologists Record Increasing Amounts of Plastic Litter in the Arctic Deep Sea

62. Researchers to Shake a Building to Study Its Performance During Earthquakes

63. Simulating Secure Carbon Dioxide Storage

64. Rapid Changes in the Earth’s Core: The Magnetic Field and Gravity from a Satellite Perspective

65. How Bacteria Living in Toxic Environments Identify and Expel Arsenic


66. New Understanding of Antarctica’s ‘Weight Loss’: Sea Level Is Rising With Little Apparent Contribution from Antarctica

67. Greener and Quieter Tires

68. Climate Change Threatens Marine Environment in the Baltic Sea

69. New UN “atlas” links climate change, health;_ylt=AkLb.6xXAaZx6EMTq9cr0ta1qHQA;_ylu=X3oDMTQxMjV0bmMwBG1pdANUb3BpY3MgQ29sbGVjdGlvbiBMaXN0BHBrZwMyM2ZhOTk4YS0wYjAyLTNjMDQtYThiNy1lNDVkNGFjMDk5NjgEcG9zAzEzBHNlYwN0b3Bfc3RvcnkEdmVyAzgxMjNiZmMwLTIxZTQtMTFlMi1iN2Y3LTY4MDNhZjY4YWQ0NQ–;_ylg=X3oDMTFlamZvM2ZlBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnM-;_ylv=3

70. U.S. looks to old Arctic ship logs for climate change clues;_ylt=Aol3Avv2Lik2bDkK0LxDaM.1qHQA;_ylu=X3oDMTQxYzh2a2VwBG1pdANUb3BpY3MgQ29sbGVjdGlvbiBMaXN0BHBrZwNjMGU4ZmIxYi0yYmY3LTNiMTAtYWJmZS1mZmRkMzA0NDdiZjQEcG9zAzE3BHNlYwN0b3Bfc3RvcnkEdmVyA2JmMWY5ZWUwLTFmYWQtMTFlMi1iZmU3LWExZTNlM2VhYjQwOA–;_ylg=X3oDMTFlamZvM2ZlBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnM-;_ylv=3

71. Editorial: Glib state of denial is wrong answer on climate change

72. UN links health to climate change 73. US, NZ resolve Antarctica stand-off

74. Ocean acidity threatens oysters

75. Hurricane Born in Africa Hit Coast as Ferocious Freak

76. Nuclear Plants Get Through the Storm With Little Trouble

77. Did Global Warming Contribute to Hurricane Sandy’s Devastation?

78. Retrieving the Weather of the Past

79. On Our Radar: Greening Formula One

80. On Our Radar: ‘Climate of Doubt’

81. Invasive Grasses as Biofuel? Scientists Protest

82. Food and Climate: A New Warning

83. Q&A: Back to the Future With Environmental Bipartisanship

84. The Israeli Farmer Who Changed World Agriculture

85. Green Peace: The Arab-Israeli Solution For Clean Energy

86. New Waze Feature Helps You Navigate Your Way To Clean Water

87. Toxic chemicals used for leather production poisoning India’s tannery workers

88. Greening the grey: introducing rain gardens

89. Is the Dead Sea dying? Water loss continues at record rate

90. The Green agenda is suffering under the Tories. Here’s how we can put it back on the map

91. Fracking could hinder renewable energy targets warns CIWEM

92. Buildings to become ‘power stations’ under renewable energy project

93. UK takes poll position in EU carbon cutting targets

94. CCS is ‘unattractive but vital’ to meeting carbon targets

95. Sainsbury’s waste achievements ‘hard to rate’, say peers

96. The Connection between Climate Change and Hurricane Sandy

97. Hurricane Sandy Update

98. Survey Shows Business Community Moving Toward Sustainability

99. Reconstructing Communities with Green Buildings

100. Melting Greenland

101. Rice and Global Warming

102. Are Environmentalists basing positions on science, or not?

103. WWF uncovers massive unreported trade of Atlantic bluefin tuna through Panama

104. Peru creates three new Amazon protected areas

105. EU greenhouse gases in 2011: more countries on track to meet Kyoto targets, emissions fall 2.5 %


106. Superstorm Sandy resurrects conversation on climate change

107. Climate-Change Debate Aside, Sandy Inspires ‘Resiliency Planning’ for Extreme Weather

108. Scientists look at climate change, the superstorm

109. Bring Back the “Cold Fusion” Dream

110. Bill Clinton, citing Sandy, hits Romney on climate change

111. Opinion: The fallacy behind environmental protection and economic growth

  1. Asia’s mega-cities badly exposed to superstorms

113. Climate Change and Sandy: Why We Need to Prepare for a Warmer World

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114. Washington region rides out the storm

115. Sandy reminds us of climate change and other forgotten campaign issues

116. Hurricane Sandy May Force Pols to Discuss Climate Change

117. Opinion: Enviro-Lit 101 The best five environmental books of all time on Environmental issues

118. Opponents of Proposed Terminal for Shipping Coal to Asia Call for EIS Covering Wider Area

119. Food may cause almost a third of greenhouse emissions – study

120. Climate scientist sues for defamation

121. NYC subways crippled by superstorm floodwaters; commuters may have to endure long shutdown

122. Malaria study challenges warmer world predictions

123. Localised sunshade could stop Arctic melting

124. Environmental activists detained outside Eskom’s headquarters

125. Clouds have ‘complex’ response to Sun’s changes

126. Scientists have ‘limited knowledge’ of how climate change causes extinction


127. Supercritical geothermal plant cuts energy emissions

128. Trees Are Awesome Suckers: Gotta-See Video

129. Top 10 Worst Weather Disasters

130. Hawaii Tsunami Waves Smaller than Expected

131. Antarctic Ozone Hole 2nd Smallest in 20 Years

132. Earth’s Magnetic Field Made Quick Flip-Flop

133. Why the Climate Silence in the Debates?

134. Australia’s Antarctic Runway Is Melting

135. Earthquake Scientists Sentenced to 6 Years

136. The Science Of Why Sandy Is Such A Dangerous Storm

137. Frankenstorm: Has Climate Change Created A Monster?

138. ‘Chasing Ice’: Irrefutable Evidence of Our Ever-Warming World

139. Frankenstorm Sandy: Has Climate Change Bred a Monster?

140. The Algae Energy Source That Could, but Probably Won’t, Save the World


141. Coal-dependent economy brings health and social risks 142. Humans did affect the atmosphere – even before industrialisation

143. Global warming likely driver for intense hurricanes, scientists say (with video)

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144. Farming may contribute a third of emissions, study finds

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145. ‘Carbon bubble’ looms for fossil fuel industry: Gilding

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146. Uranium could be exported through reef

147. Climate change to stoke more violent storms, NY’s Cuomo says

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  1. In Building Industry, Is It Too Easy To Be Green?–Is-It-Too-Easy-To-Be-Green-/story.xhtml?story_id=001000001TVP

  1. Warm, Dry Winter Forecast for West

150. Signs show ozone hole is shrinking

151. Triclosan emerging as a harmful pollutant

152. Earth’s magnetosphere allows solar wind to leak into it

153. Antarctic ozone hole shrinks to 2nd smallest in 20 yrs

154. Blocking sunlight at specific areas can stop Arctic melting

155. Rice cultivation accelerates global warming

156. ‘Global warming upsetting biological clock of species’

157. What Conviction of Earthquake Advisors Means for Global Warming Science

158. A Climate Scientist Explains How Global Warming Makes Hurricane Sandy Nastier

159. Hurricane Sandy, AKA the Frankenstorm and Climate Change: Is There A Connection?

160. Scientists cast doubt on shale gas’ low carbon credentials

161. EU greenhouse gas emissions fall 2.5 per cent, despite growing economy

162. Stratospheric Winds Churn Up the Abyss

163. Extreme Weather Hits the Poor First – and Hardest

164. News

165. Climate of Doubt Strategy #1: Deny the Consensus

166. Climate of Doubt Shines a Light on the Climate Denial Movement

167. Hurricane Sandy influenced by global warming, climate scientist says

168. Conserve & Grow: The challenge is to think fresh

169. Mega shelter belts proposed in western Raj to contain climate change

170. Unscientific Americans

171. Food switch could offset climate threat to staples – study

172. Climate Conversations – How to shake up global climate action?

173. How can we build a sustainable farming system for all?

174. Flat Earth Society Says Evidence Of Round Planet Part Of Vast Conspiracy Theory

175. Sandy Is a Truly Unusual Event, Worthy of Our Attention



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