The atmosphere’s shift of state and the origin of extreme weather events

2015-09-09 | 08:16h
2015-09-09 | 08:16h
The atmosphere’s shift of state and the origin of extreme weather events
Climate Changes Updates 27 September 2012



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Dammit … just got through rdieang the comments on The Conversation! but misdirection, deliberate misunderstandings, strawmen, adhoms and appeals to authority. This is getting silly.Chris Booker Research scientist: “…you’re trying to make the argument that, since insurance losses have in fact been relatively stable, that extreme weather events are in fact not on the rise…” No, mate, they are trying to make some measure of it, not just rely on anecdotal stories and one up “records” quoted in the “Angry Summer” … um … story…. Mike Swinbourne: “….Nowhere in the report is there any statement that: “… damage during 2012-2013 (has) been higher than normal….”…”Yes Mike – they are not countering a claim, but are putting forward something as a possible measure of severity – something entirely lacking in the “Angry Summer” fable… Michael Rowan (Emeritus Professor at University of South Australia, no less!)”…The authors report that there has not been a recent increase in insured losses due to weather events in Australia. … conclude that ‘any claim of a climate change influence on increasing disaster loss totals to date is simply unfounded’. Their argument … assumes that there has been no increase …level or effectiveness of … firefighting, flood mitigation and other efforts to limit the damage from severe weather events. …… Perhaps the authors might provide this data to ensure they are not making unsupportable scientific claims…”This!?, in defense of an anecdote full, statistical analysis free, dramatically titled, scare-mongering unscientific in any way, “report”.I stand aghast.

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