5 Tips

Tricks for Effective Online Shopping

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5 Tips & Tricks for Effective Online Shopping

5 Tips & Tricks for Effective Online Shopping By Pradeep Aggarwal

At the dawn of the new millennium, E-Commerce or Online shopping has gained momentum in America and elsewhere with more and more people buying and selling online. According to Forrester Research the numbers are increasing at the rate of 2-25% per annum and 40% of household are using coupons for online shopping. This primarily because online shopping offers more discount and savings compared to traditional stores who are burdened with costs of employees, rent and insurance. Use these tips for effective online shopping and follow the new catch line – Save $$$ with online shopping. #1: Don’t go with the most popular auction sites. You’ll end up on the receiving end. Some of the auction sites have become saturated with both buyers and sellers. Re-distributors of these sites quickly jump into fray and ad-up their markups to your purchase. Along with the products, the online marketplace is also flooded with enough people who make you spend hundreds of extra dollars for items you find in local malls. For alert shoppers this is not the ideal place. So please be careful. #2: Very important, NEVER pay retail. Consider this: You’re looking for Ipod, you want to pay the price that Apple is offering? NO way, then? Spend some time in goggle and just type ipod coupons. Go through the top ten to twenty results, you can take it for granted that you’ll find many listing offering significant discount for the same product. Or sometimes jus filling out a survey or signing up an email list you’ll get additional savings, perhaps you can also get it for FREE. #3: Buying a new product in craze or fad always excites us. Sometimes difficult to resist the temptation and we end up buying at a local mall spending more money. If you only you ca resist that temptation and wait for 2-5 days you will get the same product at a much lesser rate, which in turn swells your savings as well. Hold your emotions under check till your shipping comes via UPS! #4: Extra care need to be taken for excessive shipping charges for retailers slash the price of the product ad-up that to the shipping. Ensure to check the final cost so that you don’t have to pay any additional charge. Better still find free shipping. Sometimes shipping can cost more than your actual purchase. #5: Online Coupons: Did you ever hear of an online coupon websites like www.couponchief.com that provide discount and promotion codes to most of the Internet stores? These websites provide latest discount offers arranged by category or store, making it easier for you to find want you want. This helps you in getting a good deal and can find free shipping offers listed in #4. Take precaution to check for a coupon code prior making Internet purchase. A very simple way to save extra $$$.


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Pradeep Aggarwal is the creator of the Auction Spectrum. This site is dedicated to helping people start and run a successful online auction business. Visit his site to get a free report and articles on “Tips & Tricks on Online Auction” http://www.auctionspectrum.com

Written by: Pradeep Aggarwal


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