Cyber E Newsletter- Shopping Tips

2019-01-31 | 17:26h
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Cyber E Newsletter- Shopping Tips


Shopping Tips:
1. If you are over 50 you can save hundreds of dollars off of car insurance and hotel stays by joining AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). Also, adding your children to your car insurance policy can also save you hundreds per year too.


2. If you are an average VCR user, someone who uses their VCR to watch prerecorded tapes from a video store, use a two head VCR. A two head VCR costs up to 50 percent less than four head models. The four-head models mostly perform special features like super slow motion that most people do not use.

3. One way to save big money when shopping for carpet is buy it directly from the carpet mill. You can save up to 65 percent off retail by buying directly from manufacturer. To find shop-at-home carpet mills that deal with the public look through advertisements in the back of home improvement magazines. The drawback to doing this is you have to pay freight costs; however there is still a substantial cost savings.

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Written by: Rick Tangri


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