Discount Online Shopping

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Discount Online Shopping

Discount Online Shopping Wednesday, April 27, 2009 – – Discount online shopping is a welcome reality of modern life, combining the convenience of purchasing over the Internet with considerable cost savings. And for the very best of discount online shopping in the United States and Canada, there is only one destination — The Mall 123.

Online retailers offer customers big discounts because there is no heavy expenditure involved in running an online store. Running a brick and mortar store means spending hefty sums on rent, salaries and taxes. But there are no such expenses for the retailers when selling online. It’s because they don’t occupy any physical space and need no staff to man it. That’s why they are in a position to pass their cost savings onto online customers in the form of discounts.


When you shop online through The Mall 123, you double that advantage. Our members form a formidable unit, creating volume buying power that makes them an attractive demographic that no online retailer can afford to ignore. That’s why sellers offer our members even better deals than they do to people buying online individually. You pay less by going through us than you would if you shopped with the same online retailer directly.

The Mall 123 makes discount online shopping simple. You sign up with us at with your email address and a password, browse through the wide range of product categories our site features, select a category to see who our partners are, visit their websites, choose what you need and place the order. We have some of the biggest names in retailing amongst our partners, including Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Gap, eBay and Avon.

Shopping through The Mall 123 entitles you to earn up to 40 percent cash back on every purchase. We ask for no personal information till the time you decide to cash your rebate check, at which point we need your name, mailing address or pay pal details. Payments are made to accounts with a minimum balance of $20. Accounts with less than $20 are carried over.

So start getting the most out of discount online shopping by registering with The Mall 123. Visit today to sign up, shop and get paid.

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start getting the most out of discount online shopping by registering with The Mall 123. Visit today to sign up, shop and get paid.

Written by: The Mall 123


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