Global Warming Updates October 2, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 2 October 2013

1)   SUNDAY EDITORIAL: Damage done to our climate can’t be changed, but we can adapt and mitigate

2)   Alaska Hunts Oil as Arctic Damage Shows Most Change From Climate

3)   Shutdown Silences Weather and Climate Social Media

4)   Opinion: Tracking global warming trends? Think like a stockbroker

5)   Rough Waters Ahead: Climate Change Report Ups Sea-Level Projections

6)   In science of climate change, still much to be learned

  • Asians are feeling climate change — and want to adapt

8)   Paulson, Bloomberg backing study of U.S. climate impacts

9)   ‘Climate change refugee’ fights to stay in New Zealand

10)                    U.S. Supreme Court takes no action on climate change cases

11)                    Marks & Spencer tops FTSE 100 carbon reporting ranking—Spencer-tops-FTSE-100-carbon-reporting-ranking/


12)                    Hydrofracking resulting in radioactive contaminants in wastewater

  • UK faces “deep cuts” to meet global emission budget –

  • IPCC carbon budget sets countries tough challenge

  • BBC coverage of IPCC gave climate deniers ‘false balance’ –

16)                    IPCC: Europe has been warming faster than the global average

17)                    Climate talks could succeed, if Australia toughens targets

18)                    Lawson, Climate Change and the Power of Wishful Thinking



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