Global Warming Updates October 21, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 21 October 2013

1)    To Fix Climate Change, Scientists Turn To Hacking The Earth

2)  Climate Watcher Says He’s Done With Flying

3)  Are Climate Skeptics Ignoring God’s Design?

4)  Why We Don’t Care About Saving Our Grandchildren From Climate Change

5)  Congress turns a blind eye to global warming

6)  UN climate talks in Warsaw, essential for 2015 global climate agreement

7)  Natural Disasters Keep People Poor

8)  Is coal the answer to the UK’s energy shortage?

9)  Green energy levy to cost almost £37m extra

10)                     Energy bills: Where does my money go?

11)                       Poorly Camouflaged Insects Can Kick Off a Cascade of Ecological Impacts

12)                     0.3% of GPD Would Protect East Asia from Climate Change

13)                     O’Farrell cut climate change watchers

14)                     Hot and dry conditions align for fiery season

15)                     Less CO2 per passenger by air than by car says Virgin


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